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      CRM Integration

      ZoomInfo-Salesforce Integration – A Step-by-Step Roadmap

      Mar 01, 2024

      5 minute read

      For 35000 companies, ZoomInfo acts as a driving force behind their market strategies. It helps you engage the most promising prospects, streamline lead prioritization, and do much more.

      With its robust features and capabilities, Salesforce stands as a premier CRM solution, serving as the primary repository for customer interactions for over 150,000 enterprises worldwide[i].

      Now, imagine the results you can achieve by connecting ZoomInfo and Salesforce.

      Integrating both platforms delivers multiple benefits including improved data accuracy, streamlined lead management, and marketing effectiveness.

      In this blog post, let us learn how to integrate ZoomInfo with Salesforce for better sales and marketing processes.

      Requirements For ZoomInfo-Salesforce Integration

      There are a few key requirements to consider before integrating ZoomInfo with Salesforce:

      • Supported Salesforce Editions: The ZoomInfo-Salesforce integration is compatible with most Salesforce editions, including Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance. However, some features may be limited depending on your edition.
      • ZoomInfo Account: You will need a ZoomInfo account with the appropriate permissions to access the data you want to integrate with Salesforce.
      • API Access: Both Salesforce and ZoomInfo applications require API access to connect. You need to generate API credentials for both platforms.
      • Data Mapping: You need to define how data fields between Salesforce and ZoomInfo should be mapped to each other. This ensures that data is transferred accurately and consistently.
      • User Permissions: Determine which users in your organization will need access to the integrated data and configure permissions accordingly.
      • Data Governance: Establish policies and procedures for managing data quality and compliance within the integrated system.

      How to Integrate ZoomInfo With Salesforce

      How to Integrate ZoomInfo With Salesforce

      Integrating ZoomInfo with Salesforce enables you to enrich your Salesforce records with up-to-date data from ZoomInfo. Thus ensuring that your CRM data remains accurate and comprehensive. Here’s how to integrate ZoomInfo with Salesforce:

      1. Access Salesforce Setup

      In your Salesforce account, click on your profile icon located in the top-right corner of the dashboard. From the dropdown menu, select “Setup” to access the Salesforce Setup menu, which contains administrative tools and settings.

      2. Navigate to AppExchange

      In the Salesforce Setup menu, scroll down or use the search bar to locate the “AppExchange” option and click on it to access a marketplace for various Salesforce-compatible applications and integrations.

      3. Search for ZoomInfo App

      Within the Salesforce AppExchange, you’ll find a search bar at the top of the page. Type “ZoomInfo” into the search bar and press Enter to initiate the search.

      4. Install the ZoomInfo App

      Review the search results to find the ZoomInfo app listing. Click on the ZoomInfo app listing to view detailed information about the app, including its features and reviews. Locate the “Get It Now” button and click to start the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of the ZoomInfo app.

      5. Authenticate ZoomInfo

      After installing the ZoomInfo app, return to the Salesforce Setup menu. Navigate to the “Installed Packages” section, where you’ll find a list of installed applications and integrations. Locate the ZoomInfo package from the list and click on it to access its settings. Follow the instructions provided to authenticate ZoomInfo within Salesforce, which typically involves entering API keys or credentials provided by ZoomInfo.

      6. Configure Integration Settings

      Within the ZoomInfo integration settings, you can configure various options to customize the integration according to your preferences. This may include setting the frequency of data synchronization, specifying which data to sync, and configuring mapping settings.

      7. Map Fields

      In the integration settings, navigate to the field mapping section. Here, you’ll match ZoomInfo data fields (such as contact information and firmographics) with corresponding Salesforce fields (such as contact and account fields) to ensure seamless data transfer between the two platforms.

      8. Initiate Initial Sync

      Once you’ve configured the integration settings and field mappings, initiate the initial synchronization between ZoomInfo and Salesforce. This process will transfer existing data from ZoomInfo to Salesforce and establish the connection between the two platforms.

      9. Test Integration

      Create test records in ZoomInfo, such as contacts or accounts, and verify their presence and accuracy in Salesforce. Test various scenarios to ensure that data is syncing correctly and consistently between ZoomInfo and Salesforce.

      10. Train Users

      Provide comprehensive training to Salesforce users on how to access and utilize ZoomInfo data within the Salesforce environment. Ensure users understand how to interpret integrated data effectively to support their sales and marketing activities.

      5 Key Benefits of ZoomInfo-Salesforce Integration

      Benefits of ZoomInfo-Salesforce Integration

      ZoomInfo when integrated with Salesforce offers numerous benefits for businesses seeking to optimize their sales and marketing processes. Here are five key advantages this integration offers:

      1. Enhanced Lead Generation: Seamlessly access ZoomInfo’s expansive database directly within Salesforce, empowering your sales and marketing teams to swiftly pinpoint and qualify high-quality leads based on pertinent criteria.

      2. Improved Sales Efficiency: Streamline your sales processes with automated lead enrichment and CRM record updates. By keeping prospect data current, your sales reps can devote more time to engaging prospects and closing deals, driving heightened productivity and efficiency.

      3. Personalized Outreach: Armed with comprehensive prospect information, your sales teams can deliver tailored outreach and personalized messaging. This approach fosters more meaningful interactions, resulting in higher conversion rates and stronger customer relationships.

      4. Data Accuracy and Quality: Ensure data integrity with the ZoomInfo and Salesforce integration, which continuously updates CRM records with the latest information. By maintaining accuracy and quality, this integration minimizes errors and enhances decision-making capabilities.

      5. Better Reporting and Analytics: Leverage robust reporting and analytics features enabled by the ZoomInfo and Salesforce integration. Gain insights into key metrics, measure campaign performance, and optimize sales and marketing strategies with actionable data-driven insights.

      Wrapping Up

      ZoomInfo-Salesforce integration overcomes the challenge of scattered data by centralizing information, ensuring consistency across your systems. It supercharges your lead generation efforts and crafting personalized outreach that hits the mark every time. This integration becomes your cornerstone, feeding your business with reliable data that you can trust.

      To truly make the most of this integration, you’ve got to rally the troops and encourage some good old-fashioned teamwork. Get everyone together, brainstorm innovative ways to leverage this integrated data, and watch as your customer engagement skyrockets and revenue follows suit.


      Improve your business processes and drive growth with the combined power of ZoomInfo and Salesforce. For all your integration needs and queries, reach out to us at [email protected], and we will take it up from there!

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