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      CRM Integration

      Maximizing Salesforce CRM Investment via Cloud Integration

      Dec 29, 2015

      3 minute read

      For rapid, innovative, and cost-effective processes, businesses today need solutions that can be managed, run, and can connect applications anywhere – with less dependency on specialist integration development skills or IT infrastructure. These solutions must not only be  be easy to configure, implement and understand.

      With Salesforce solutions spreading rapidly across the global businesses, you’ll quickly realize the need of maintaining and syncing your core back-office systems and exposing them to your sales and service groups.

      Cloud Integration

      This is where cloud integration comes into the picture – helping business owners to not only accelerate digital transformation but also unlock new opportunities with their CRM systems.

      Cloud Integration – The new trend of streamlining business goals

      According to a research by Gartner, the rapid implementation of Salesforce CRM has massively scattered the fragmented data across the cloud.

      So, as a business owner, if you are really looking forward to making the most of your company’s investments in Salesforce CRM, you have to make sure your systems are integrated and data syncs happen in real time to avoid data redundancy and inaccuracy.

      Different ways of integrating cloud applications

      1. Cloud to Cloud integration: This technique is generally used for exchanging data from one cloud application to another via an integration layer, which enables:

      • Data transfer process
      • Different applications to communicate with each other
      • Data conversion
      • Data encryption, and
      • Data transformation

      Cloud to Cloud Integration

      2.Cloud-Integrator based Cloud Integration: This technique is preferred by organizations having an established middleware infrastructure. The middleware infrastructure acts as the integrator between cloud applications. The integrator plays a great part in this integration process as it receives data from one cloud application, converts it into the required format and sends it further to the receiving cloud application.

      Cloud Integrator based Cloud Integration

      3. Cloud-Cubed Integration: In this approach, Cloud C is built with an integration layer that acts as a middleware between Cloud A and Cloud B. Here, Cloud C receives data from Cloud A and transfers it to Cloud B. Cloud C performs functions like decoding, data transformation, encoding, and transportation.

      Cloud Cubed Integration

      How can cloud integration power your organization?

      Connecting with cloud platforms like Salesforce not only helps in optimizing business processes across applications but also unlocks new doors for infusing customer intelligence across company’s operations. In other words, cloud integrations are highly configurable, flexible and scalable for any business. Once you implement cloud integration in your organization, you will be provided with many benefits like:cloud integration

      Want to maximize your Salesforce Investment?

      Combine the power of products with the expertise of Grazitti Interactive to maximize the value of your CRM investment.

      Here at Grazitti Interactive, our expert team of cloud architects, developers, and product support specialists has extensive experience working with Salesforce cloud platforms that span across Sales, Service, Community, Marketing, Analytics Clouds and other custom integrations & development. Our certified developers, agile processes, and high-quality dedication have helped companies like Apttus, MobileIron, Gigamon, Marketo, Alteryx, Glassdoor, Ping Identity, Centrify, Ooyala and more, maximize their Salesforce investment.
      To discuss your Salesforce needs, just drop us a line at [email protected]

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