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      Conversion Rate Optimization

      Optimize Your Conversion Rate with Google Analytics Custom Reports

      Jul 28, 2016

      4 minute read

      Being a free and the most widely used web analytics tool, Google Analytics offers out-of-the-box reports that provide an overview of key metrics. But these reports don’t always fit everybody’s business needs. So, Google Analytics enables you to create your own custom reports to uncover deeper insights.

      Set up custom reports

      After signing in to your Analytics account, click on the Customization tab at the top of the home page and you will be able to create a new custom report with the metrics that you want.

      Analytics Custom Reports

      Instead of creating custom reports yourself, you can visit Solutions Gallery and download off-the-shelf custom templates.

      Solution Gallery

      Let us take a dive into the list of some custom reports that are a must for optimizing the conversion rate of your website:

      • Browser Report

        A browser-level report helps you identify the performance of different browsers on your website. Moreover, it makes you aware of the visitors using different browsers and their bounce rates along with the technical issues related to the respective browser type.

        However, you don’t need to set up browser reports as you can easily import them. Once you are done with the import, you can review it for red flags on a regular basis.

      Browser Report
      • Content Efficiency Report

        This report mainly emphasizes on the metrics that help you identify the best-performing pages on your website. If you are involved in content marketing, this report can do wonders by identifying the content that works best for your website. With this invaluable information, you can produce content that keeps your audience engaged. By collecting metrics like page title, unique visitors, entrances, page views, bounce rate, average time spent on a page, per-visit goal value and more, it helps you acknowledge which content drives high business value.

      • Customer Behavior Report

        By using the event tracking code, Google Analytics makes it easy to determine the actions being performed by your visitors. The section containing these reports is available on the left sidebar menu in Google Analytics. It includes three sections namely, traffic, conversions, and events to check the behavior variance among new and old users.

      Customer Behavior Report
      • Mobile Performance Report

        To stand out among your competitors, this report can help you optimize your website for traffic coming via mobile phones. It helps you understand how well you are performing with different mobile technologies and where you need to improve.

      Mobile Performance Report
      • For example, as you can see above, there is a high bounce rate for iOS, which warns the site developers that they need to improve their website for traffic coming through iOS.
      • Hours and Days Report

        With this report, content marketers can drive more traffic to their website by analyzing the perfect time for promoting their content. It guides marketers with the particular day and time of the week when they should publish their content. This report includes 4 tabs:

        1. Hours of the Day: Expressed in military time, it shows hours when people visit your website.
        2. Day of the Week: This report lets you see which day of the week you are receiving the most site visitors.
        3. Day of Week and Hour: It reveals the popular day and hour of the week when your site receives maximum traffic. With this information, you can target that particular hour of that day to publish content on your website.
        4. Linear Date and Hour: Unlike the previous tab, it shows the specific date and hour when your content performed well.
      Days and Hour Report


      Google Analytics is awesome but cannot help you with specific business needs sometimes. By using these custom report templates and personalizing them as per your requirements, you can optimize your conversion rate and make better decisions.

      Do you want to optimize your conversion rate?

      At Grazitti Interactive, we have an experienced team of certified digital marketers who can help you plan, strategize, manage, and optimize your website, content, and AdWords campaigns effectively – driving maximum results. Feel free to reach us at [email protected] to know more about our PPC, SEO, SMM, and unique content services.

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