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      Conversion Rate Optimization

      Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates

      Aug 23, 2013

      5 minute read

      You can achieve an increase of over 50% from your organic and paid campaigns by using well optimized landing pages[1]. Landing pages create a strong impact on lead generation, and it’s essential to connect your every marketing campaign with a custom landing page for improving your page conversion goal. The aim of a landing page is to keep the message relevant, consistent and customer centric so that, it attracts the customers further into the sales funnel. Since, the performance of your landing page translates directly into the success of your marketing campaigns; here are few tips which can improve your landing page conversion.

      1. Formatting/ Layout: An attractive layout with clean formatting can go a long way in lifting your landing page conversion. Well-written headlines, images, clear call-to-action buttons and simple forms are essential elements of a landing page. However, it is very critical to have them in a proper flow for the user. A landing page with proper flow of different elements, either from top to bottom or from left to right, can boost your page conversion by 25%.
      landing page layout
      1. Shorter Form increases conversion rate: You can increase your page conversion rate by 300%, just by reducing form fields on a landing page. Having forms which are simple, easy to understand and precise can prompt your visitors to fill their details immediately. Also, you need to make sure that you only ask for the information which your users can share easily. Asking personal information like annual salary, credit card details etc. may reduce the conversion rate drastically.
      landing Page form
      1. Content: The messaging on your landing page should be all about the users and should address their needs, interests or problems. Keep the message succinct and present key points in bullet point structure. Use sub headers and bullet points liberally. Also, by reducing the text density on your landing page, you can achieve greater user attention and higher conversion.
      landing page content
      1. Compelling Call to action: The call to action button on your landing page is critical for improving the conversion rate. Having call to actions like Submit, Contact Now is generic and less prompting. However, call to actions like Download White Paper Now, Register for Webinar, Request a Sales Quote are more clear and engaging, increasing your CTR directly.
      landing page call to action
      1. Avoid Visual clutter: Though images are certainly attractive but also increases the load time of your landing page. According to the Aberdeen Group, a one-second delay in page-load time results in 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and a 7% loss in conversions. So empty your landing page from all visual clutter such as banner ads, pop-ups, unnecessary images and links that don’t connect to your offer.
      landing page images
      1. Testimonials and Featured badges: In many cases, online visitors hesitate to part with their personal details while engaging with your website. To gain trust of your users and add credibility, include client testimonials, add certifications or add any credentials your company has earned. If you are asking for overly sensitive information, reconsider it, may be you can ask such information later in the process when users start engaging with you.
      landing page testimonials
      1. Responsive Design: 79% users access landing pages or websites through their mobile devices. So, in order to lift your conversion, you need to make your landing page mobile friendly and responsive. Responsive design ensures your page looks perfect on every device without any side-scrolling. It ensures user-friendly experience as all messages, images and buttons are clearly visible and well placed.
      responsive landing pages
      1. Social form fill and Social login: Social form fill option makes it easier for users to fill the entire form with just a click of a button. Social form fill using Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more allow visitors to automatically sign in to reach the destination page without manually entering their details. After the launch of Facebook connect in 2008, websites like Amazon have experienced almost 60% growth in their user registrations.
      landing page social form fill
      1. Say Thank You: After you receive the details from your prospect, it is great to thank them. This ensures that their registration has been successful and you can verify the details given by them are correct. As a best practice, you should send opt-in confirmation email as well along with a small thank you note.
      landing page say thank you
      1. Test and Test before you go ahead- For optimizing your landing page you need to keep testing different elements to identify which version of your page is effective and drive better conversions. For creating a well optimized landing page, proper testing and monitoring of several elements is required, which include:
        ✓ Headline & Messaging- Short and crisp headline with key focus on benefits
        ✓ Content- Relevant content that resonates with objective of the page
        ✓ Image- Complementary images and graphics which are easily clickable
        ✓ Layout- Appealing layout with easy navigation and clean formatting
        ✓ Call-to-action- Clear and compelling CTA with short and simple form
      “Grazitti Landing Page Design Services
      At Grazitti Interactive, we have team of designers who are expert in creating effective landing pages, dramatically improving your customer retention rate and turning more clicks into leads. We also conduct ongoing testing to further improve the effectiveness of your landing page. Contact us for building a powerful Landing Page


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