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      Drupal Marketo Integration Connector

      How Grazitti’s Drupal Marketo Connector Module is Helpful for Form Prefill?

      May 23, 2019

      3 minute read

      How does a brand leave a lasting impression on its customers?

      While your products and prices definitely help you get an edge over your competitors, the experience that your users have while dealing with you is as critical for sustained growth. In fact, 73% of users surveyed by PWC cited the experience they had with a company to be one of the three prime factors that make them come back to an online business. That is a true testimony of the power that customer experience holds.

      Experts are always talking about the myriad of options available with marketers through which they can better the experience that users have on their websites.

      One of them is using pre-populated form data.

      Drupal Marketo Connector

      How can a Prefill feature help you with improving CX?

      It’s easy to imagine how being asked to fill out a form repeatedly can irk someone. In this age when consumers are being given more power over brands, this is a major step back.

      Instead, consider this: the form that consumers have to fill already contains their contact info, based on data they had provided previously.

      This can save a lot of time for returning visitors that have filled out forms on your website before and will help them stay more focused on their searches and purchases. You can also use this opportunity to ask for additional information to establish a better rapport with them.

      If your form has too many fields, even the most motivated prospect may not make it all the way to the end. So prepopulating the forms on your website with the data that you have acquired from your previous interaction with them, is the best way to go.

      Grazitti’s Drupal Marketo Connector can help you achieve just this.

      What are the features of this connector?

      Let’s take a look at the various features that this connector offers.

      Embedded Marketo Form

      When an anonymous user visits your website, they will be asked to fill out their details in a form. As soon as the details are filled, Marketo’s Munchkin API passes the user identity i.e, full name, email address, company, and country and syncs it to Marketo. The marketing automation platform saves this user data in the form of cookies.

      Drupal Marketo Connector

      Prefilled Marketo Form

      When a known user visits your website the second time, Marketo form fields are prefilled with their information. This functionality will work for all forms on the website. Also, we have created the prefill configuration functionality in the back-end. So, the enable and disable functionality will be active in the administrator section whenever you install the module form prefill. Form prefill will remain enabled by default, however, if you want it disabled, you can simply do it by choosing the Disable Form option from the admin back-end.

      Drupal Marketo Connector

      Restrict Prefilled Marketo Form

      Another feature that we have implemented is the Restrict Prefilled functionality on the field level. Through this functionality, we can hide the prefill for some custom field value or some form field value. The customer will have to fill the information for these fields every time he visits the website. We have provided the functionality in the back-end.

      Drupal Marketo Connector

      DoS Attack Configuration

      Through this functionality, the form can be protected from DoS attacks. If a malicious user hits the form repeatedly, the prefilling functionality will be turned off and the user will be barred from using it till the penalty time is over.


      You should leave no stone unturned to make the customer experience smooth and efficient. The form prefill feature can definitely prove useful in this regard. Make optimum use of the data that you already have and direct it towards making your users’ journey better.

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