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      Drupal Marketo Integration Connector

      How to add Marketo tracking capability to your Drupal website

      Jan 21, 2016

      3 minute read

      Marketo is one of the most preferred marketing automation platforms that help digital marketers to engage customers & prospects, and Drupal is a powerful CMS. When Drupal is your website backend and Marketo is your marketing automation platform, it is critical for both the systems to be seamlessly integrated for deeper customer insights. A few examples of custom Drupal modules are – Marketo Munchkin Module, Eloqua Module, Pardot Module, etc. These modules add tracking capability to your Drupal website and improve the ability to capture lead data during user creation, user updates and log-in. Webform integration and user registration are the key features of these modules, which help you observe the lead activity and related details.

      Drupal-Marketo Integration

      Integrating Marketo with Drupal enables you to track the user behavior in the Drupal website, create and manage a lead flow that makes the lead conversion, and measure the levels of engagement with your prospects.

      To make this integration process simpler, time and cost effective, Grazitti has built a ‘Drupal-Marketo connector‘ that adds marketing automation tracking capability to your Drupal website and seamlessly captures lead data during user registration via webform integration.Drupal Marketo Connector

      What is Drupal-Marketo connector?

      Drupal-Marketo connector is a managed package used to sync the details of Drupal users to any Marketo instance. It uses shortcodes to fetch data from Marketo and display it on Drupal pages. These codes track page visits through cookies and IP addresses. Furthermore, it tracks and stores the user behavior in Marketo system.

      Modules of Drupal-Marketo connector

      1. Fetches data from Marketo and display on Drupal pages using Shortcodes
        • The Drupal-Marketo connector is fitted with a Marketo Munchkin code in order to track user activity
        • Once the user submits the form, Munchkin API passes the user identity (email) details to Marketo
        • Marketo then tracks the IP address of the user’s computer and saves the user data in the form of cookies
        • When the same user visits the website for the second time, Marketo fetches the user data from cookies and treats the lead as a known lead/contact
      2. Prefills Marketo Form on Drupal website
        • When a known user visits your website, Marketo forms prefill fields with their information through Marketo cookies
        • Form Prefill is enabled by default. But in case you want to turn it off, you can simply do it by selecting Disable Form Prefill option from the landing page level or from the admin level
      3. Prefills Non-Marketo Form on Drupal website
        • You can map data through the Non-Marketo form to Marketo via field mapping
        • Field Mapping is one of the imperative features of data environment that allows you to drag a field from data environment onto a form or a report
        • Marketo reads the data from cookies and prefills the Non-Marketo form on Drupal website
      4. Auto-sends notification
        • This feature allows you to send targeted messages to all your registered users in the form of email and push notifications
        • Let’s suppose, all your categories are listed with check boxes on the left side, you can send an email once you select one or more products from the list of categories
        • Then, you can create an email template for the product in that category and update data in Marketo through specific tokens
        • This allows Marketo to send notifications to the user in the form of emails
      5. Provides Digest E-mail feature
        • This feature allows you to load the data on your email template
        • It provides you the ability to select the program and send an email to users through Marketo
        • Through this feature, your registered users can choose to receive daily updates of content they follow, rather than getting individual notifications for each new activity
        • Also, they can easily enable/disable this feature according to their requirement

      Leverage the power of Drupal

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