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      Drupal Marketo Integration Connector

      Grazitti’s Drupal Marketo Connector Helps Personalize Content on Your Drupal Website

      Dec 14, 2018

      4 minute read

      Drupal is one of the leading open source and secure content management systems used by businesses across the world. Drupal helps developers build open web; marketers with its templating approach; and agencies with achieving customer goals faster.

      Marketo, on the other hand, is a leading marketing automation platform that helps digital marketers engage customers and prospects, and automate email marketing and other tasks. And its recent acquisition by Adobe due to its popularity is worth the mention.


      Integration between these two was not available before we created our own Drupal Marketo Integration Connector. The connector utilizes the known leads’ information by tracking cookies on your website to personalize the content on your website.

      It comes with numerous features like real-time personalization, form pre-fill, and automated email notifications.

      How Personalization on Drupal Pages Works Using Shortcodes?

      We have implemented shortcodes in Drupal (which are not Drupal standard), which help you target leads known to your website and show them personalized and localized content on your website. Therefore, increasing the user engagement on your website.

      Listed below are a few examples of how you can personalize content using these shortcodes.

      Suppose, the following lead values are stored in your Marketo database:


      1. Showing a Lead Value on Your Drupal Web Page

      To personalize content by utilizing the known lead value (like FirstName, LastName, Email, Company or Industry) from Marketo on your Drupal basic pages, enter the below shortcode in the WYSIWYG editor.


      Using the shortcode, you will get the FirstName field value Tom and LastName field value Taylor, that is stored in your Marketo database. The result will appear on the front-end when the user visits your website.


      2. Personalizing Content Based on the Matching Condition of Shortcodes

      We can create targeted content using a matching condition shortcode. The shortcode helps check whether the Marketo field name has the value which you have defined in the conditional block. Based on whether the condition is true or false, we can personalize the content.

      For example, if the company field name in Marketo is Industry and field value is Automobile, you can personalize the content for users from this industry. Enter the below matching condition shortcode in WYSIWYG editor in the Drupal back-end.


      If the condition is true, the slider will show automobile-related images.


      Similarly, if the field value is Healthcare, you can personalize the website content for users from this industry. Enter the below matching condition shortcode in WYSIWYG editor in the Drupal back-end.


      If the condition is true, then the slider will display healthcare related images and so on.


      3. Personalizing Content Based on Matching Condition Shortcodes with the AND and OR Operators.

      You can also personalize content based on the matching condition shortcode using the ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ operator. This means you can compare multiple fields and their values for personalization (*You cannot compare more than three fields in a single conditional block). Based on whether the condition is true or false, you can personalize the content.

      For example, if the FirstName field name in Marketo matches the field value Tom and the Industry field name equals field value Automobile, then you can personalize the content based on this true condition. In case the condition is false, you can personalize the content through the editor or leave it blank. To personalize content, enter the below matching condition shortcode in WYSIWYG editor in the Drupal backend.


      Want to Know More About Our Drupal Services? Contact Us.

      Grazitti has over 10 years of experience in offering full-fledged Drupal web development services to companies across the globe. We also help automate processes using our custom plugin that integrates your website with Marketo to boost conversions and sales. Learn more about our web development services here or write to us at [email protected].

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