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      How Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

      Jul 05, 2024

      4 minute read

      The global healthcare automation market is set to hit $4.2 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 5% during the forecast period(i).

      Within this transformative landscape, marketing automation emerges as a catalyst for change in the healthcare sector not only saving time but also streamlining workflows and optimizing marketing processes.

      At the forefront of this groundbreaking transformation stands Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement!

      Formerly recognized as Pardot, Account Engagement is a robust marketing automation platform designed to empower healthcare marketers to personalize interactions and enhance customer engagement and overall experiences.

      By leveraging Account Engagement, you can:

      • Automate routine tasks
      • Nurture patient relationships
      • Gain deeper patient insights

      Strategically implemented, Account Engagement empowers healthcare marketers to deliver experiences that are not only highly relevant and timely but also resonate with patients on a deeper, more meaningful level.

      In this blog post, discover how Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is revolutionizing the healthcare industry and the key benefits of integrating it into healthcare practices.

      Marketing Automation & Healthcare Industry: An Overview

      Healthcare marketing automation plays a crucial role in revolutionizing the operations of the healthcare sector, offering a seamless and efficient approach to campaign management. This not only aids in delivering targeted marketing initiatives but also cultivates enduring relationships, all while extracting valuable data-driven insights.

      The integration of AI capabilities into marketing automation has empowered healthcare marketers to elevate their existing strategies.

      In fact, the artificial intelligence healthcare market is anticipated to reach a value of $187 billion by 2030(ii).

      AI-driven marketing automation is instrumental in eradicating systemic biases and creating more equitable treatment models for patients from diverse backgrounds. By utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, and patient data analysis, marketers can pinpoint individuals lacking access to essential medical care, promptly alerting qualified healthcare providers.

      Moreover, AI-powered automation tools augment healthcare marketing capabilities in various ways:

      • Streamlining tasks such as case finding, thereby freeing up medical staff’s time.
      • Efficiently sifting through clinical data, swiftly identifying diseases, and accelerating the diagnostic process.
      • Analyzing extensive patient data to detect early signs of diseases, leading to quicker diagnosis.
      • Generating appointment reminders.

      However, with a plethora of marketing automation tools available, choosing the right one can be challenging. That’s where you need an automation platform such as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement that seamlessly aligns with business objectives and patient needs.

      Top Account Engagement Features Transforming the Healthcare Landscape

      Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’s versatility allows it to significantly impact the healthcare industry, particularly in its ability to personalize communication and streamline processes.

      Here are the top Account Engagement features that can help Healthcare businesses boost their marketing initiatives.

      Account Engagement Features

      Dynamic Content Blocks

      Using Account Engagement’s dynamic content blocks, you can personalize your messages including greetings, recommendations, and offers tailored to individual preferences based on demographics, medical history, and website interactions.

      For instance, you can customize a landing page to meet a patient’s needs, featuring upcoming appointment reminders, relevant educational resources tied to their condition, and targeted promotions for services aligning with their requirements.

      Pre-Built Emails, Forms, and Landing Page Templates

      Using pre-built and customizable email templates in Account Engagement, you can deliver targeted email campaigns including appointment reminders, prescriptions, invitations, and updates tailored to their interests.

      Additionally, interactive forms and landing pages capture valuable patient data and preferences, dynamically adapting based on user responses. This optimizes data collection and enhances audience segmentation precision for more targeted communication.

      For example, a landing page created for a new cancer treatment could adjust information based on the patient’s specific cancer type and stage, ensuring personalized and relevant content delivery.

      Progressive Profiling

      Account Engagement’s progressive profiling functionality enables a seamless collection of additional patient information.

      By automatically capturing interactions on your website and forms, Account Engagement progressively constructs more detailed profiles without burdening patients with excessive input requirements.

      This ongoing enrichment provides the capability to deliver increasingly personalized communication, gaining valuable insights into the needs and preferences of patients.

      Lead Scoring & Grading

      Account Engagement’s advanced scoring helps you find and prioritize the high-quality leads interested in your services by analyzing a patient’s history and interests. Additionally, grading leads help you see if a lead fits your ideal patient profile.

      Combining scoring and grading allows personalized outreach. Leads with high scores and good grades are top leads for further interaction, boosting conversion potential.

      Benefits of Using Account Engagement for the Healthcare Sector

      Account Engagement helps healthcare businesses to align their marketing goals and objectives with business needs by providing visibility on patients, their interactions with your business, and sales opportunities.

      Here are the top benefits of using Account Engagement for the healthcare industry.

      • Personalize Engagement: Deliver targeted content, automate patient journeys, and ensure data privacy compliance.
      • Enhance Acquisition & Retention: Attract new patients, nurture leads, and engage existing ones through targeted campaigns.
      • Streamline Operations: Automate tasks, integrate with existing platforms and gain valuable insights.
      • Foster Trust & Relationships: Build trust by providing valuable resources, offering personalized support, and showcasing expertise.


      Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by fostering deeper patient relationships, streamlining communication, and driving better health outcomes.

      By leveraging this powerful tool, healthcare businesses can now connect with patients on a more personal level, provide them with the information and tools they need to make informed decisions about their care, and ultimately improve the quality of care they receive. As Marketing Cloud Account Engagement continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative applications that will transform the way healthcare is delivered and experienced.

      Ready to Infuse Automation Into Your Healthcare Business? Let’s Talk!

      Our Marketing Cloud Account Engagement experts are well-equipped to tailor your marketing strategy and technology, worthy and fitting for the healthcare industry. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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