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      Integrating Pardot Forms with Zoom Webinar to Manage Leads Effectively

      Nov 27, 2018

      2 minute read

      Webinars have always been a great source for businesses to establish credibility, share expertise, promote the brand, broaden reach and most importantly, generate leads. Zoom offers a secure, easy platform for businesses to organize frictionless web and video conferences across mobile, desktop and room systems. But, since the platform allows limited customization in registration forms,  this fails to interest your visitors, and therefore,reduces registration rates.

      Pardot Integration With Zoom

      By using Pardot forms for Zoom webinar registrations, you can customize the look and feel of your registration form, and can also manage leads before and after any webinar. Better landing page would also lead to higher conversion rate and improved user experience.

      How Can Pardot Integration with Zoom Help You?

      Pardot helps businesses create fully customizable landing pages and forms leveraging drag-and-drop components. You can easily standardize the data you want to collect using structured data fields such as drop-down menu, checkboxes etc. for your forms,

      For known visitors prepopulated fields will be displayed instead of blank boxes that need visitors to write their inputs. An impressive webinar registration page, with the necessary automation, will help build a positive image of your business, and will also improve the sign-up rate.

      Additionally, as all registrants and attendees’ information is stored in Pardot, you can send invites, reminders, and follow-ups to increase show rates. Since the registrants’ data become part of your marketing automation system, you can build nurture campaigns beyond the webinar experience.

      How Pardot Forms Integration with Zoom Works?

      Once the Pardot forms have been integrated with your Zoom webinar system, when a visitor fills out your Pardot-powered webinar registration form, they will automatically get registered on the Zoom platform for the webinar. Pardot will send prospect entries to Zoom to complete and confirm the registration. To enable this integration, you will need administrative access to both Zoom Webinar and Pardot system.


      Pardot forms provide a rich user experience to visitors, and also capture information of all registrants in a structured manner, which enables businesses to strategize the marketing automation process. You can check who has attended the webinar and who hasn’t. Based on that, you can initiate email communications with them to speed up your sales cycle by leveraging Pardot forms.

      Want to learn more about Pardot Integrations? Contact Us.

      Get in touch with us at [email protected]  to learn more about Pardot Integrations. Our tenured Salesforce developers can help you integrate Pardot with Live Agent, Zoom or any other platform with ease.

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