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      Combat Data Sync Issues with Cartiveo—A Shopify Marketo Integration Connector

      Sep 29, 2020

      3 minute read

      With the growing popularity of your Shopify store,

      • Are you struggling to sync your customer or order data from Shopify to Marketo?
      • Are you missing out on potential leads because of too many customer and order details?

      If you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above, Grazitti’s Cartiveo is all you need to overcome these data challenges.

      But before we dive deeper, let’s learn a bit about data and its importance:

      Data and eCommerce—How important is this combination?

      Changes in technology in the 21st century have changed the way businesses gather data and put it to work. However, there’s a challenge many businesses still face—data silos.

      When you do not have a clear set of data, sales pitches go wrong as your sales reps do not have a perfect view of the customer data. Marketing campaigns target the incorrect audience as data from sales is not reaching marketing.

      Thus, without a clear view of the customer data, many business processes fall apart.

      eCommerce Development

      This shows that data management is the backbone of building any successful company and CRM systems have become an indispensable tool for that.

      However, to overcome this, Shopify store owners can use Grazitti’s Cartiveo—A Shopify Marketo Integration Connector for effective data collection. Let’s know more about it.

      Introduction to Cartiveo:

      Grazitti’s Shopify Marketo Integration Connector helps you deliver a holistic customer experience by integrating Marketo capabilities into your Shopify store. This enables you to sync Shopify customer data, gather leads into Marketo, and automate marketing and sales processes.

      How does integrating your Shopify Store with Cartiveo make a difference?

      When you integrate your Shopify store with Cartiveo, it affects the functions across the organization, driving benefits to each area—marketing, sales, customer service, management, and more.

      However, recognizing what data needs to be synchronized between the two systems is the initial step towards reaping the benefits of this integration tool.

      So, ask yourself –

      • What data challenge are you trying to solve?
      • What is the information flow?
      • Are there any dependencies? For instance, if orders depend on product, customers, inventory or so.
      • What is the process of management already in execution?

      When you have clear answers to these questions, you can streamline the data syncing process of your Shopify store with Cartiveo. The tool helps you leverage Marketo capabilities in your Shopify store and allows you to sync your Shopify store’s customer and order data seamlessly in Marketo.

      Let’s take a look at how Cartiveo performs the data sync functions:

      Sync orders in real-time

      The connector helps you retrieve order data from Shopify to Marketo and automate related activities to enable a better user experience.

      It also helps you with order and product details, such as the number of items purchased, billing and shipping address, or order status. Retrieving order data helps figure out what products are ordered the most or sales trends on the basis of region.

      Historical data push

      Integrating Shopify and Marketo enables you to push old customer data along with their order data in Marketo, which may be lying in your Shopify store before installing the connector.

      The connector also automates the process of updating data on specified time periods, such as weekly or monthly.

      This can help you carry out data segmentation and target users according to specific products and services.

      Real-time customer data sync

      Grazitti’s Shopify Marketo Integration Connector allows you to perform data synchronization from Shopify to Marketo hence making it less prone to human errors or duplication.

      This helps in saving time, thus enabling your employees to work on building customer relationships and generating more sales within a shorter time frame.

      Sync data in bulk

      The connector allows you to transfer the customer and order data in bulk from Shopify to Marketo and therefore helps manage the workflow.

      The feature increases productivity and maintains data consistency while saving a lot of your time.

      Key takeaway

      Shopify store owners can also use Cartiveo to track abandoned cart data and convert lost leads to potential ones. This will help Shopify merchants improve brand loyalty and boost ROI from their eCommerce store.

      Automate Business Processes and Accelerate Conversions With Cartiveo!

      Register for a personalized product walkthrough session, where our product experts will showcase how the product works and answer all your queries. To know more drop us a line at [email protected].

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