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What’s In It For You?

Grazitti’s Cartiveo – A Shopify Marketo Integration Connector helps you deliver a holistic customer experience by integrating Marketo capabilities into your Shopify store. The integration helps you send personalized offers to your customers.

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Key Features

Bulk Customer Data Sync

Helps you link the customer data in bulk which saves your time, increases productivity, and maintains data consistency

Real-Time Customer Data Sync

Allows you to perform data synchronization from Shopify to Marketo hence making it less prone to human errors or duplication

Bulk Order Sync

Enables you to transfer the order data in bulk from Shopify to Marketo and help manage the workflow

Real-Time Order Sync

Helps you retrieve the order data from Shopify to Marketo and automate related activities for better user experience

Historical Data Push

Lets you push the old customer data along with their orders in Marketo that may be lying in your Shopify store before installing the connector

Cart Abandonment Program

Syncs abandoned data to Marketo to set up nurture emails to help customers complete their order

Key Benefits

Saves Time and
Manage Workflows

By syncing your customer and order data in real-time and in bulk too


By responding to customers as individuals based on their actions


By delivering seamless user experience and taking action in real-time

Grow Lead

By offering personalized offers and recommendations along the customer journey

Increased Customer

By sending personalized emails, applying discounts, or specialized shipping rules


By sending automated & highly targeted emails to existing customers

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Our Customers Love Us

Erin Oberfeld
Wow!! The website looks great! I am VERY impressed with your work, and really happy that we made the choice to come to you!!!
Erin Oberfeld, Manager,

Web and Email

Nathan Philips
I worked with about a dozen other developers before I found Grazitti. Not only are they incredibly thorough and do quality work, but communication and task management has been perfectly clear and organized. They also work on so many platforms that they are the only development agency I need.
Nathan Philips, VP of Marketing,

Old Mill Bricks

Steven Johnson
I’ve been working with Grazitti for about six months now and don’t really know how I was getting by without them. They’ve become an extension of our team and provide quality work every time.
Steven Johnson, Digital Marketing Manager,


Abha Mahajan
Our website needed a major revamp in terms of technology and design. Grazitti did an excellent job in putting together a responsive e-commerce website with a great UI experience combined with a robust backend. We required a lot of custom features and these were competently incorporated. We are now continually creating feature wish lists as we are confident that the Grazitti team will deliver the same.
Abha Mahajan, Co-founder,

The Pipal

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Shopify Marketo

Cartiveo – A Shopify Marketo Integration Connector

Our connector allows you to bring important information from the Shopify store to Marketo for better personalization, shared abandoned cart data, and lead data across Shopify and Marketo to get a better ROI from marketing campaigns.

Product Document


Cartiveo: User Guide

Sync your Shopify and Marketo seamlessly without any trouble. Grazitti’s Cartiveo allows you to bring important information from your Shopify store to Marketo for better personalization, shared abandoned cart data across Shopify and Marketo to get a better ROI from marketing campaigns.