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      Supercharge Your Shopify Store With Marketo Integration

      Feb 11, 2022

      4 minute read

      According to a recent study by Statista, eCommerce will make up close to a quarter of the total global retail sales[i] and will surpass $8 trillion[ii] in revenue by 2027.

      These promising stats prove how much potential eCommerce has as an industry. It won’t be an understatement to say that it is the future of business.

      However, making money from your online eCommerce business is not as easy as setting up a Shopify store and just generating sales. While Shopify is a great platform and has in-built marketing tools, it still has limited functionality. Especially when it comes to automating marketing activities and driving sales.

      The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, there’s no rose without a thorn. An eCommerce business faces tons of challenges on a daily basis that need to be addressed to level the playing field in today’s competitive market.

      For a Shopify eCommerce business to succeed, it needs to adapt to the new trends and invest in the latest technology to overcome marketing challenges.

      Let’s learn about the biggest challenges Shopify eCommerce businesses face and how to overcome them.

      Supercharge Your Shopify Store With Marketo Integration

      Converting Shoppers Into Paying Customers

      Converting visitors into paying customers is one of the biggest eCommerce challenges. Your Shopify store might be getting a lot of traffic, impressions, and clicks. Unfortunately, they aren’t driving conversions as anticipated.

      So, what can you do to get more sales?

      Well, before diving into the solution, you need to understand where the problem actually lies.

      There could be multiple reasons why your shoppers aren’t converting, such as –

      • You aren’t targeting the right audience
      • Your customer base doesn’t trust you
      • There might be some technical challenges faced by your shoppers on your website
      • You aren’t engaging your prospects

      Effective marketing starts with understanding and segmenting your target audience. As a marketer, it is critical to understand your target audience. Every marketing plan and strategy revolves around this information.

      Apart from that, you need to ensure that you are engaging your prospects with personalized and targeted content.

      A Shopify business needs data about marketing performance and customer behavior to identify the right audience and understand their needs.

      Marketo is a marketing automation tool that provides these insights. It empowers marketers to identify their target audiences, understand their buying behaviors, and create marketing campaigns as per their needs.

      Increasing Customer Loyalty

      Establishing customer loyalty boils down to building trust. However, it’s easier said than done, especially in a no face-to-face interaction environment.

      Initially, customers are always skeptical about purchasing from an online store; but after a few successful transactions, their trust increases along with their loyalty.

      Thus, it is crucial to keep your customers satisfied every step of the process – from ordering to shipping and post-purchase engagement.

      Moreover, you can build trust by shining a light on your successes i.e. positive customer reviews. Thanks to advanced marketing automation tools, such as Marketo, you can share user-generated content across different channels, including emails, social media, and throughout your website.

      Nurturing the Ideal Prospects

      Lead nurturing is a proven way for moving prospects from one stage of the marketing funnel to the next and increase customer engagement.

      Regardless of the size of your email list, you need to actively engage with your prospects. A small percentage of your email list will convert into paying customers, provided you are delivering value with your email marketing campaigns.

      However, sending the same email to every contact with the same message will only burn your email list.

      It’s important to use segmented campaigns, which means sending relevant and personalized content to your prospects and customers.

      Moreover, there are multiple automated emails that an eCommerce business should be sending, including –

      • A welcome email,
      • Abandoned cart reminders,
      • Post-purchase follow-ups,
      • Re-engagement emails, and more.

      However, creating and sending relevant emails is a lot of work. In addition to losing time, you might still end up with not-so-satisfactory results. This is where email marketing automation is crucial. It saves marketers the hassle of creating segmented mailing lists and curating and delivering targeted emails.

      Mobile Advertising

      Imagine engaging your customers on the fly. As your prospects and customers scroll through their phones waiting for their appointment at the dentist or while attending meetings, it’s easier to reach out to them and advertise.

      Marketo helps automate advertising to mobile phones, Kindles, and other devices with targeted messaging across multiple channels. It even helps businesses track their customers’ geolocation and prompt relevant ads.

      Anticipating Future Sales

      As an eCommerce business do you want to forecast future sales and craft your market strategy accordingly? For that, you need a comprehensive view of each customer across different channels. A marketing automation tool not only provides customer data but also visibility into the early stages of the revenue cycle.

      Why Integrate Marketo With Your Shopify Store?

      Shopify and Marketo integration enables you with –

      • Seamless synchronization of customers, leads, prospects, and contact data
      • Most accurate real-time insights for decision-making
      • Elimination of manual transfer of customer data from Shopify to Marketo
      • A holistic view of prospects, customers, and engagement data
      • Intelligent segmentation of audience and predictive analytics
      • Tools to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions
      • Nurture leads and boost conversion rates and funnel velocity

      Overcome Your eCommerce Marketing Challenges With Cartiveo

      Integrating Marketo with your Shopify store can help you overcome obstacles and streamline your business processes. With Cartiveo, you can sync your data from Shopify to Marketo and vice-versa without any data loss, or duplicate data.

      It helps eCommerce store owners engage with the end-users in a better way, thus, delivering an effective customer experience.

      What’s more, Cartiveo lets you sync customer data in real-time, gather leads into Marketo, automate marketing and sales processes, and do much more to help you get a better ROI from your marketing campaigns.

      Want to Try Cartiveo in your Shopify Store? Contact Us!

      Our experts can help you with its whole implementation right from the configuration and migration to its customization.

      For more information about Cartiveo, drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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      [ii] Statista – Retail E-Commerce Sales Worldwide From 2014 to 2027

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