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      AEM & Adobe Analytics Integration – Analyze Complete User Journey & Experience

      Sep 02, 2020

      4 minute read

      With companies having a vast amount of data to analyze and understand, Adobe Analytics is the best tool for this. By quickly analyzing large volumes of data in real-time, it provides powerful visualizations to unveil deep, actionable insights. It also facilitates quick and effective decision making, thus improving overall business performance. While data can come from anywhere, the best insights come from Adobe Analytics.

      According to Forrester, Adobe Analytics offers the chance to get triple-digit ROI. By creating a 360-degree customer view, it tracks and maps the customer journey, and offers insights that enable you to deliver the best experiences.

      How Adobe Analytics can be a game-changer?

      If you are looking for an analytics tool that can serve the purpose of providing both insights and actions, then Adobe Analytics is the best fit. It has you covered—from basic web tracking to creating a culture of insights where data is infused into every action on every team.

      It can be a vital contributor in helping you with the following:

      Web Analytics – Web analytics is the epicenter for any decision-making. Adobe Analytics, by using AI, machine learning, and other advanced technology goes beyond visits, page views, and bounce rates to find actionable customer insights.

      Marketing Analytics – With customers being extremely picky and having dynamic needs, every enterprise needs to pick the right channels to reach out to prospects and have access to marketing analytics to measure the outcomes in order to deliver a great experience. Adobe Analytics has yet again turned out to be a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics 2020 as it enables data integration from channels including web, video, app, social, mobile, and more. With the help of it, data can be analyzed in real-time to understand the customer’s perspective.

      Predictive Analytics – Why use data to only reveal past insights, when it can be used to predict and plan? The predictive capabilities of Adobe Analytics come into being here as it has predictive tools powered by machine learning and AI. So your company can consistently take advantage of everything that your data has to offer with Adobe Analytics.

      Attribution – With companies spending a lot on content and campaigns, it becomes important to invest in what really works and matters. Adobe Analytics helps to rightly understand the impact of every touch from every customer through paid, owned, and earned channels. With the apt use of machine learning and advanced statistics, it ensures that you make the right investment decisions based on both rules-based and algorithmic attribution models.

      Integration of Adobe Analytics with AEM

      Integrating Adobe Analytics with AEM is nothing short of a eureka moment. It offers the unique ability to bind data to content and vice versa. With it, your brand can speak the same language across channels and effortlessly eliminate the problem of having too many moving parts under one CMS.

      AEM and Adobe Analytics Integration

      By using Adobe Analytics in conjunction with AEM, you can drill into data in order to offer the best seamless experience. Not only does it ensure better transparency and visibility for effective visitor behavior analysis in Adobe Analytics, but also improves user experience by integrating Adobe Target with Adobe Analytics.

      Results like improved page conversion rate, easy tracking of pages, sections, form submissions, link clicks (along with positions), as well as transaction data are assured. Enterprises using it can have a complete view of the user journey. In addition, you can connect your AEM-based website with Adobe Marketing Cloud to pick out individual users or user groups to provide them a more personalized experience.

      Integration of Adobe Analytics with other platforms

      Third-party integrations in Adobe Analytics enable you to shape your marketing strategy to meet your specific needs and get the most out. Enterprises can receive customized workflows and assure adherence of quality in work with custom integrations with various platforms like WordPress, Magento, and many more as follows:

      1. Adobe Analytics with Salesforce – By integrating both the platforms, Salesforce data at the visitor-level in Adobe Analytics can create powerful segments that allow more meaningful personalization in other Experience Cloud tools. You can perform closed-loop attribution reporting in Analysis Workspace and perform real-time personalization on more meaningful segments in the other Experience Cloud tools.

      Adobe Analytics with other platforms

      2. Adobe Analytics with Drupal – On completing the integration between Adobe Analytics and Drupal, you can get all the traffic data on your Adobe Analytics instance. It becomes easier to view the dashboard with website statistics and gain insights into customer behavior. Enterprises can then use this data to optimize the website to improve user experience and conversions.

      3. Adobe Analytics with Tableau – Integrating Adobe Analytics with Tableau opens the door to effectively explore and analyze the results of marketing processes. It is best used when the goal is to extract additional data from outside the Adobe Analytics environment. The ability to measure the results from marketing programs gets easier with this duo. Customers can also use the insights to optimize future marketing efforts and change the overall marketing mix to reach the right customers.

      Want to Know More About AEM as a Cloud Service? Talk to Us!

      Grazitti offers AEM development solutions that enable you to track the development process of your content assets by ensuring seamless delivery across different channels with comprehensive AEM consulting. Our exceptional certified web architects help with the development and modification of new and existing websites using AEM, migration & upgradation, AEM integration, testing, and more! Should you want more information, please email us at [email protected].

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