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      Unveiling Gen AI Capabilities in AEM Sites: Insights From Adobe Summit 2024

      May 27, 2024

      4 minute read

      Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has reshaped traditional workflows and streamlined the path to effective personalization. By integrating this transformational technology with existing products, businesses can build personalized experiences and boost engagement more efficiently.

      This innovative approach is a proven strategy among leading corporations. Globally, 95% of Fortune 500[i] companies are leveraging Generative AI to enhance content personalization & automation, driving innovation and improving productivity.

      Generative AI has advanced significantly, from simple pattern recognition to sophisticated algorithms that autonomously create new content and solutions. This technology is enhanced by neural networks and machine learning developments, enabling more precise predictions and broader applications across industries.

      At Adobe Summit 2024, Adobe introduced its latest innovations in the Gen AI space, including

      • Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant for enhanced productivity via natural language interactions
      • Adobe GenStudio for rapid content planning and creation
      • New Adobe Firefly capabilities to improve creative control
      • Adobe Journey Optimizer with gen-AI-backed advanced journey orchestration

      And more.

      All these innovations are set to revolutionize workflows and marketing strategies to deliver highly personalized, real-time customer experiences at scale.

      However, among all these announcements at Adobe Summit 2024, the highlight was the introduction of Gen AI capabilities within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites. This capability will enable businesses to generate personalized pages and content quickly.

      In this blog post, we’ll uncover the enhanced functionalities of AEM Sites. We’ll also decode the other prominent announcements and innovations at Adobe Summit 2024.

      Latest Generative AI Capabilities in AEM Sites

       Unveiling Gen AI Capabilities in AEM Sites: Insights From Adobe Summit 2024

      1. Creating High-Performing Content Variations

      Experience Manager Sites now incorporate an advanced AI-powered feature that simplifies prompt engineering for content creation. This development is crucial as it reduces the need for specialized prompt engineering expertise, which is a significant barrier to generative AI adoption. With optimized prompt templates designed for enterprise use cases, content authors can now input minimal information to generate high-quality content variations. These templates are pre-defined yet customizable, enabling additional inputs to suit specific contextual needs. This feature ensures that generative AI produces more accurate and relevant outputs with less effort, making it more accessible to teams without technical AI expertise.

      2. Personalized Content at Scale

      AEM Sites now include a revolutionary capability for generating high-quality content variations at scale, tailored to specific audience segments. This feature leverages generative AI to automatically produce personalized banners and promotional material, reducing the time and effort typically required in traditional workflows. By integrating brand guidelines directly into the AI prompts and utilizing audience data from Adobe Target or spreadsheets, AEM Sites can create content that is brand-aware, legally compliant, and culturally relevant. This enables marketing teams to scale personalized content creation, transforming the dynamics of campaign management.

      3. Real-Time Content Optimization and Testing

      AEM Sites now provide built-in A/B testing tools that enable content creators to quickly and efficiently test the performance of AI-generated content variations. This native feature enables teams to validate and optimize content without relying on external testing teams or tools, significantly speeding up the optimization process. With the ability to rapidly iterate and tailor content to diverse audience segments, brands have observed substantial performance improvements—up to 30%[ii] higher click-through rates for some banners compared to baseline metrics.

      Key Announcements at Adobe Summit 2024

      Beyond generative AI, notable announcements at Adobe Summit 2024 included several key highlights and updates. Here are the major takeaways from the event:

      1. Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant

      The Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant simplifies complex processes by providing a conversational interface that can answer technical questions, automate tasks, simulate outcomes, and generate audiences & journeys. Integrated within applications such as the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Journey Optimizer, the AI Assistant enhances efficiency by automating redundant tasks, freeing marketers to focus on strategic initiatives.

      2. Federated Audience Composition

      Another significant innovation is the Federated Audience Composition on the Adobe Experience Platform. This feature enables teams to directly integrate audience data from major enterprise data warehouses like AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, and Google BigQuery. By facilitating real-time access to data without the need for extensive copying or data transfer, this tool enhances the agility and responsiveness of marketing campaigns.

      3. Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) Collaboration

      For a cookieless future, Adobe introduced the Real-Time Customer Data Platform Collaboration. This new clean room solution enables brands and publishers to collaborate in a privacy-safe manner to discover, reach, and measure high-value audiences. By including data collaboration as a core component of customer data management, Adobe is paving the way for more precise, effective, and secure marketing strategies.

      4. New B2B Capabilities in Adobe Journey Optimizer

      Adobe also unveiled advanced B2B capabilities in the Adobe Journey Optimizer, specifically designed to enhance the orchestration of B2B customer journeys. This includes a focus on account-specific buying group journey orchestration, which is critical for aligning sales and marketing efforts in the B2B space. These capabilities enable personalized and effective engagement strategies that are tailored to the complex dynamics of B2B relationships.

      In the End

      The generative AI capabilities within Adobe Experience Manager Sites represent a significant leap forward in how brands can manage and optimize their digital experiences. By automating complex processes and reducing reliance on specialized knowledge, Adobe is creating advanced AI tools, making them accessible to numerous marketers and content creators. This approach empowers brands to deliver more personalized, engaging, and effective digital experiences.

      A proficient AEM partner can assist brands by seamlessly integrating and leveraging Adobe’s new tools and features into their digital strategies. They can also enable businesses to use AEM’s capabilities in a cost-efficient & streamlined manner, enhance content personalization, and leverage data for targeted marketing initiatives. Additionally, they can help brands navigate the complexities of digital transformation, ensuring that technology investments deliver maximum ROI and effectively engage audiences.

      Enhance Your AEM Capabilities Across Creative Production and Digital Marketing. Let’s Talk!

      Explore the possibilities of Adobe Summit innovations, and be at the forefront of transforming digital experiences. If you want to explore more about our AEM prowess, drop us a line at [email protected], and our maestros will take it from there.


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