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      Level Up Your Workflows With AI Assistant Within Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)

      Jun 10, 2024

      4 minute read

      In a world where artificial intelligence is reshaping industries and redefining creativity, one name emerges as a pioneer – Adobe. As companies scramble to integrate cutting-edge technologies, Adobe has not only kept pace but set the standard for innovation in the digital realm.

      Adobe has been at the forefront of harnessing AI, continually integrating advanced AI capabilities into its suite of products. Globally, more than 11,740 companies are using Adobe services to enhance their digital experiences.

      In 2023, Adobe made significant strides by introducing a suite of innovative solutions for enterprises at Adobe Summit, including Adobe Sensei Generative AI Services and Adobe Firefly. These innovations underscore Adobe’s commitment to reshaping customer experiences and operational efficiencies through cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

      This year, at Adobe Summit, Adobe launched the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) AI Assistant. Businesses can think of this advancement as their data and analytics master, tech support friend, and simulation scholar.

      This blog post decodes the advanced capabilities of the AEP AI assistant.

      Additionally, we will also provide a glimpse into other significant announcements from Adobe Summit 2024.

      What is Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant?

      The Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) was created to address the challenges of integrating different platforms and managing fragmented customer profiles. Additionally, it focuses on responding in real-time, addressing privacy demands, and bridging the widening skills gap in the digital marketing landscape. AEP addresses these issues by unifying siloed data, creating comprehensive customer profiles, and integrating three key applications:

      • Adobe Real-Time CDP for audience building
      • Adobe Journey Optimizer for delivering omnichannel experiences
      • Adobe Customer Journey Analytics for impact analysis;

      All while ensuring enterprise-grade security and governance.

      The Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant is designed to enhance the AEP functionality by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence. This AI Assistant acts as a versatile utility within the Adobe ecosystem, capable of performing various tasks through a natural language conversational interface. Users can ask multiple questions, automate routine data management tasks, simulate potential outcomes, and generate targeted customer segments & journeys.

      The core of AEP AI Assistant is powered by a generative AI experience model, which incorporates several advanced technologies, such as:

      • Large Language Models (LLMs) for natural language processing, enabling the AI Assistant to understand and generate human-like text.
      • Base model trained on Adobe’s product documentation and best practices, ensuring the AI Assistant can provide expert advice and automate tasks accurately within the Adobe software ecosystem.
      • Custom model for businesses that opt-in to the AEP AI Assistant, developed using their specific enterprise data, such as profiles, segments, and journey data.
      • Decision services integrated into the AI Assistant to provide analytical, predictive, and goal-oriented recommendations, enhancing decision-making processes.
      • APIs for integration into broader enterprise workflows, facilitating a seamless experience across distinct business applications and systems.

      Unveiling the Capabilities of Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant

      Level Up Your Workflows With AI Assistant Within Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)

      1. Data Navigation and Customized Guidance: The AI Assistant helps users navigate enterprise data and provides customized product guidance based on specific data and use cases. This reduces the time spent reviewing documentation, troubleshooting, and managing support tickets.

      2. Enhancement of Product Proficiency: It provides data-driven suggestions for follow-up actions or queries, enhancing users’ knowledge and fostering a continuous learning environment. This tailored approach helps users quickly master complex functionalities, improving their efficiency.

      3. Simplification of Routine Operations: The AI Assistant simplifies operations like data exploration, insight generation, and campaign planning. It ensures these processes require fewer steps and yield higher quality outputs while enforcing user permissions.

      4. Guided Automation and Enhanced Product Knowledge: The AI Assistant streamlines complex workflows through guided automation based on user approvals. This includes organizing data segments or creating them based on natural language prompts. It also facilitates quick access to detailed information on Adobe products, helping users accelerate their learning and proficiency.

      5. Usage Insights: The AI Assistant provides insights into datasets, audiences, and journeys within the Adobe Experience Platform, without running SQL queries. It enables non-technical users to gain quick insights, such as the frequency of segment usage or details about schema fields.

      6. Brief Ingestion for Creative Production: It automates the generation of creative briefs from existing assets like PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint decks, accelerating creative production processes within Workfront.

      7. Enhanced Campaigns and Deep Insights: The AI Assistant guides users on enhancing campaigns and content to improve market performance. It also provides predictive insights quickly, which traditionally took days or weeks to gather. The insights could be on expected conversions from a segment, the impact of applying additional filters, and more.

      8. Recommendation of Next-Best Actions: It uses artificial intelligence to recommend the next-best actions in customer journeys, enabling real-time ideas generation and exploration of new engagement strategies.

      9. Content Quality Control: The AEM AI Assistant automatically checks content against brand standards and helps businesses flag any regulatory or brand compliance issues.

      Adopting the AEP AI Assistant will equip businesses to scale audiences, journeys, and channels, reduce their dependency on a small set of experts, and increase efficiency. It also enables them to streamline complex processes, maximize efficiency, and achieve a competitive edge.

      Top Reveals at Adobe Summit 2024

      At Adobe Summit 2024, Adobe introduced a series of advancements across Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud aimed at empowering enterprises to deliver highly personalized customer experiences at scale. Central to these innovations is the integration of generative AI, which enables one-to-one personalization through real-time insights and advanced data-handling capabilities.

      The list of announcements includes Adobe GenStudio which marks a significant step forward, providing a generative AI-first approach for marketing teams to rapidly plan, create, manage, activate, and measure content, streamlining the entire content supply chain.

      Additionally, Adobe has expanded the capabilities of Adobe Journey Optimizer, enabling both B2C and B2B brands to orchestrate more effective and personalized customer journeys. This includes the new B2B Edition, focused on account-specific buying-group journey orchestration, enhancing sales and marketing collaboration throughout the B2B revenue lifecycle.

      Wrapping Up

      The newly introduced capabilities at Adobe Summit 2024 underscore Adobe’s commitment to transforming digital experience management through innovative solutions and strategic alliances, setting new standards for customer engagement. Additionally, by leveraging holistic expertise across the Adobe ecosystem, businesses can effectively integrate these advancements, refine their digital strategies, and boost operational efficiency.

      Ready to Enhance Business Performance and Productivity With AEP AI Assistant? Let’s Talk!

      Explore the possibilities of Adobe Summit innovations, and be at the forefront of transforming digital experiences. If you want to explore more about our AEM prowess, drop us a line at [email protected], and our maestros will take it from there.

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