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      Salesforce Experience Cloud

      Transform Your Customer Experience Using Salesforce Experience Cloud

      Nov 25, 2022

      3 minute read

      Digital interactions have evolved and there is an increasing need to deliver personalized experiences.

      A few ways businesses can do this is by creating forums, communities, apps, and portals.

      That’s where they can leverage Salesforce Experience Cloud.

      It is a robust platform used to deliver fast and personalized digital experiences that enhance customer engagement.

      It enables businesses to digitize operations and collaborate with their customers, employees, and partners.

      Although Salesforce Experience Cloud comes with its own set of amazing features and functionalities, every business is different and unique. And to maximize the Salesforce community experience, businesses can implement custom solutions that cater to their unique business needs and goals.

      So, in this blog post, we will learn about the whole nine yards of Salesforce Experience Cloud and how businesses can make the most out of it with a range of customized solutions.


      Key Offerings of Salesforce Experience Cloud

      Salesforce Experience Cloud is a powerful platform that helps businesses enhance efficiency and productivity by digitizing business operations. It helps them drive customer engagement and provides effective collaboration with its partners.

      Let’s learn more about its key offerings:

        • Salesforce Experience Builder

      It empowers businesses with a powerful tool to build, customize, and publish websites with either no code or low code. It offers flexibility with templates and themes to create websites faster.

        • Customer 360

      This feature helps in delivering better customer experiences and efficient engagement strategies. It helps businesses make smarter business decisions by learning more about their customers.

        • Personalization

      Delivering precise and relevant information to customers as per their needs and interests can be rewarding. With Experience Cloud, businesses can create online communities and provide personalized customer experiences to uplift customer engagement.

        • Advanced Security

      Securing your business assets is of utmost importance. Salesforce Experience Cloud helps protect data from any unauthorized third-party access or leaks.

      Advantages of Salesforce Experience Cloud

      Here’s a quick glimpse into the key advantages of the Salesforce Experience Cloud:

        • Speed

      Salesforce Experience Cloud helps save time with its comprehensive, flexible, mobile-optimized, and easy-to-use interface. And in case your organization needs an upgrade, it can quickly become consistent with that too.

        • Multiple Functionalities

      Experience cloud is loaded with various functionalities to create impactful digital experiences. It helps in engaging customers by building digital sites, apps, and portals that can be customized as per the business needs.

        • User Experience

      Businesses that build communities on the Salesforce Experience Cloud can provide community members a connected digital experience. It enables them to create mobile-friendly sites that ensure more participation and a better user experience.

        • Reduction in Cost

      Support and administrative teams save time and money spent on the implementation processes by automating tasks with many of its out-of-the-box solutions.

      Benefits of Online Communities on Salesforce Experience Cloud

      Online communities help businesses share relevant information with customers and employees and improve collaboration. It is a suitable platform for multiple workplace interactions such as help desk communications, troubleshooting, and connecting geographically dispersed teams. Here are some benefits of a Salesforce-powered community:

      • It helps customers connect with peers and experts with a common interest
      • It gives customers a voice that helps organizations improve as well evolve
      • It enables a rich self-serving experience for customers
      • It empowers the sales team to improve engagement with customers
      • It encourages employees to collaborate and enhance the productivity of the organization

      Solutions for Maximizing Customer Experience With Salesforce Experience Cloud

      Collaboration and growth are crucial for an organization. Salesforce Experience Cloud enables this with online communities.

      However, standard functionalities may not allow organizations to get the most out of their Salesforce-powered communities.

      Salesforce experts at Grazitti have developed a range of customized solutions that organizations can leverage to enhance the standard capabilities and features offered in Salesforce Experience Cloud. This enables them to offer an improved customer experience and drive better business outcomes.

      Here’s a glimpse into them:

      • ScoreNotch: Maximize digital experience with our Salesforce-native, Lightning-ready product. It provides an easily configurable and dynamic gamification experience on Salesforce-powered communities. To gather more insights into the different use-cases and facets of our gamification solution, watch this webinar.
      • IdeasPro: Get a lightning-ready solution for ideas management on Salesforce-powered communities. Powered with 20+ out-of-the-box functionalities, it fosters innovation to drive value from your Salesforce-powered community.
      • GuideIn: Maximize digital adoption in Salesforce-powered communities. Simplify user onboarding, change broadcasting, and employee training with guided walkthroughs.

      Wrapping Up

      Salesforce Experience Clouds allows businesses to provide digital experiences to customers, by creating communities, forums, and more. However, to maximize the potential of their Salesforce investment, using tailor-made solutions can help them go an extra mile.

      Want to Leverage Salesforce Experience Cloud through Custom Solutions? Talk to Us!

      At Grazitti, we understand the importance of providing digital experiences to customers. To know more about our custom solutions for Salesforce Experience Cloud, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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