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A connector that integrates Salesforce and Jira and is hosted on top of the Salesforce. It enables the integration of all standard and any custom object of Salesforce with any Jira products like Core, Ops, Software, and Service Desk. It supports both cloud and on-premises versions of Jira and helps to achieve customer-centricity and enable flawless cross-functional collaboration by keeping your different teams on the same page.

  • Uncurbed information access
  • Faster case closures
  • Enhanced service experience
  • Intelligent sales
  • More revenue
  • No user-defined limit
  • Be more customer-centric

Email to Case Advance

E2C Advance is an all-important app for support agents to have a systematized, robust case management solution. There are a number of features in offerings that will help accelerate the process of case closures, ensure booming productivity growth of your agents, and be more customer-centric.

The product is Lightning-ready and offers the following benefits:

  • Fast-tracked Case Resolution
  • Reduced Employee Burnout
  • Improved Agent Productivity
  • Enhanced Customer Experience

ZakCalendar Scheduler

A powerful calendar app for event planners, event managers, and sales teams that makes booking, scheduling, and tracking meeting rooms super simple. Available for download on AppExchange.

  • Improve your meetings’ ROI
  • Sync calendar, lead status, and prospect lists with Salesforce
  • Boost productivity and align sales cycle
  • Schedule follow-ups and share MOMs

QuickStart Service Cloud Implementation Package

Three QuickStart service cloud implementation packages to increase CSAT and boost agent productivity.

  • Three packages: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Quick set-up: Between 6 and 10 weeks
  • Reliable support
  • Trusted by businesses worldwide

QuickStart Sales Cloud Implementation Package

Customize and automate your sales processes to forecast sales trends accurately, boost productivity, and close more deals.

  • Three packages: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Quick set-up: Between 6 and 10 weeks
  • Support from leading experts
  • Subscribed by successful businesses worldwide



M-Clean: Real-time Dedupe App for Marketo

Having merged more than 130,000 duplicates already, M-Clean has emerged as a powerful tool to identify and merge duplicate data in Marketo in real time. M-Clean can be set up quickly and offers highly configurable field settings.

  • Say goodbye to skewed reports
  • Detect and merge duplicates
  • Align marketing and sales
  • Boost sales productivity

M-Hive: Marketo Assets Backup

M-Hive is a powerful asset management system for Marketo. The benefits include:

  • Never lose Marketo assets
  • Track changes to Marketo assets
  • Fast track content reviews
  • Preview assets in bulk and generate PDFs

WordPress Marketo Integration Connector

A connector to link Marketo and Wordpress platforms. The connector helps automate blog deliveries, leverages Marketo Lead Data to achieve multilevel personalization, and prefills sign-up forms.

  • Highly personalized content
  • More conversions
  • Localized landing pages
  • Automated emails for blog marketing

Magento Marketo Integration Connector

A connector that brings Marketo’s powerful analytical features to your Magento-powered online store.

  • Maps unknown users to known users when the former sign up or log into the store
  • Autofills embedded Marketo forms to increase conversions
  • DoS-secure against false usage of API calls
  • Syncs customers and orders to Marketo custom objects in real time

Drupal Marketo Integration Connector

A reliable and scalable connector that links your Marketo programs and campaigns with Drupal and allows you to send highly personalized newsletters.

  • Analyze customer journey faster
  • Improve user experience
  • Grow lead conversions
  • Earn better ROI

Free Assets

Set up a marketing campaign in a flash. Choose from our dozens of fully-customizable, and responsive landing page & email templates that are absolutely free.

  • Responsive and non-responsive designs
  • 2- and 3-column layouts
  • Great-looking LPs and emails
  • Designed for Marketo



Khoros Salesforce Case Connector

A reliable, scalable, and secure way to bring Salesforce’s case management capabilities to your Khoros-powered community to maximize support productivity and reduce support costs.

  • Seamless data synchronization
  • Hassle-free case management
  • Higher case deflection

Salesforce Knowledge and Khoros Connector

Integrating Salesforce Knowledge and Khoros-powered community allows real-time syncing of knowledge articles on your community, ensuring an up to the minute community. Other benefits include:

  • Optimized user experience
  • Reduced customer support cost
  • Better case deflection rate



Alteryx Connectors

Expand your data reach by leveraging Grazitti’s large set of Alteryx connectors that provide data extraction across multiple platforms, like Microsoft Azure, Bing Ads, Sailthru, and AWS Marketplace. Automatically map data from a platform and make smarter decisions.

  • Custom connectors available for 40+ platforms
  • Used by Fortune 500 companies for unrivalled data insights
  • Expanded data reach
  • Automated data fetches
  • Powerful self-service analytics

Search Solution


Cognitive search solution that delivers rich insights and relevant search results. Become a self-service leader by enabling your employees, customers, and partners to effectively leverage institutional knowledge.

  • Search across multiple platforms
  • Personalize user experience
  • Optimize search results
  • Obtain actionable search insights

Selenium Framework


Selenium Data-Driven Framework

Hassle-free and seamless automated testing experience. The framework relies on the ‘Hybrid-Driven Framework’ and Java programming language.

  • Reduce testing time and resource consumption
  • Gain complete control over testing results
  • Change test pre-conditions and input data
  • Achieve software deliveries the agile way