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      4 Reasons to Choose a Platform Like Higher Logic to Build an Online Community

      Jun 28, 2021

      5 minute read

      Imagine getting a massive return on the capital that you invested in your marketing initiatives, we’re talking roughly around 6,469%!

      Enticing, right? This percentage is proof of the average profitability generated by online communities.

      Businesses, today, are using online communities to garner the attention of their target audience by familiarizing them with their products and services. Also, communities serve as an extension for brands to win their user’s trust by offering them the true value for their investment.

      Let’s identify why it’s so important to choose the right platform to launch your own branded online community.

      The Importance of Choosing the Right Platform for Your Online Community

      Choosing an online community that accommodates all your business needs is one of the biggest challenges that you may face. A major challenge with platform selection is that the entire process can be time-consuming and is characterized by a wide range of offerings and a lot of misguided information.

      The right online community platform enables you to organize, amplify, direct, and scale your community strategy, making your branded community dynamic and vibrant.

      Before you choose a platform, you must be clear about the type of community you want and what your end goals are. Once that’s done, you must consider the following:

      • Flexibility and agility of the platform
      • Ease of use
      • User experience
      • Integration with other systems/tools
      • Analytical tools
      • Budgetary norms

      Higher Logic is one such platform that has all these features. That’s what makes it an ideal choice for launching an online community.

      Let’s explore more about ‘why’ Higher Logic is one of the most preferred choices to build an online community.

      Higher Logic for Launching an Online Community

      Higher Logic is an industry leader and a provider of a human-focused engagement platform, that creates and delivers robust online communities and enables you to keep your customers engaged throughout their buying journey. Not just this, they also provide their users with a post-sales space to maintain communication and keep the engagement going.

      Higher Logic pays special attention to fulfilling all their user’s expectations by offering them true value for their investments. Their core focus is about transforming member experience for each organization and that’s why they build a solid foundation of customer experience by engaging users during as well as after their purchase journey. They offer communities that work as per the unique needs of all organizations so that members can share ideas, collaborate, and solve problems, all under one roof.

      Whether you’re just starting out or have a successful entity with well-established goals, Higher Logic has a community solution that will meet your specific requirements.

      How is Higher Logic Different From Other Community Platforms?

      Communities built on Higher Logic carry the potential and ability to become a strong and validated marketing channel for your brand that increases case deflection and empowers you to build deeper ties with your customers.

      Unlike traditional community platforms, Higher Logic provides its users with a tailored and scalable solution built to meet the organization’s unique needs.

      What sets Higher Logic apart from most of the platforms is that it is easy to use and they constantly seek customer feedback to make enhancements in their community. The platform includes some amazing features and offers a lot of flexibility with diverse integrations. Recently, Higher Logic acquired Vanilla Forums, which speaks volumes about its strategic prowess in the community space.

      4 Reasons That Make Higher Logic Special

      Community vendors can be classified into two categories – vendors building communities for quicker and short-term transactions and vendors building communities for sustained engagement and long-term transactions.


      Many available community platforms focus their efforts on building online communities that are specific to questions. However, Higher Logic centers its attention on reaping long-term engagement by giving its customers the power to exchange ideas, deliver customer support, and generate loyal brand advocates which ultimately leads to better user retention and improved ROI.

      When it comes to building an advanced online community, there are four reasons that make Higher Logic unique:

      1. Engagement Benchmarking: Engagement Benchmark Score (EBS) is a new performance metric that Super Admins can use to keep a track of all community activities, the value being delivered, and community performance. With EBS, super admins can get monthly data reports that shed light on their community’s:

      • Score
      • Activity
      • Value
      • Reach

      Not just that, you can also see when the latest EBS score was generated, how it was calculated, and get tips on improving it to boost community engagement.

      2. Customer Analytics: This user-friendly platform offers key insights into your customer’s data so that you can back your decisions and be data-driven. There are several tools that enable you to keep track of your customer’s interests and points of engagement. They are:

        • Customer Intelligence:

      This function enables you to understand customer behavior in a detailed manner. You can establish target markets, improve the user experience, identify market demands, and stay updated on what your customers are talking about.

        • Downloadable Reports:

      This functionality allows community managers to download reports in different formats and get a detailed view of all community activities.

        • ROI:

      To ensure that you can track all that matters, you can extract reports which include data like increased sales, retention rates, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and service costs.

      3. Management Tools: Higher Logic comes with a variety of administrative and management tools for community managers that empower them to manage their community and moderate activities more effectively. The tools included are as follows:

        • Automation Tools:

      With pre-built and configurable communication campaign tools in their corner, community managers can take engagement up a notch and streamline all processes.

        • Flexible Control:

      Community managers can control the look and feel of the community with a unique CMS editor.

        • Bi-directional Integration:

      A powerful bi-directional integration with a Salesforce CRM allows you to better align your processes and experience data integrity.

      All these tools empower your customers to get a full view of the content available in your community and suggested activities by mapping data attributes.

      4. Product Innovations: If growth and innovation are on your mind, Higher Logic is the perfect platform for you. We say this because Higher Logic is committed to delivering exceptional customer service in the form of new product functionalities while continuing to deliver diligent customer support and asset enhancement that ace the customer’s use cases. Here’s a list of what they’ve added to their community arsenal:

      • Flexibility for customer support use cases with features like advanced Q&A
      • Additional integrations for ticketing platform
      • Changes to platform UX
      • Better control over community

      They’re always up for adding new functionalities to keep customers coming back for more.

      Higher Logic allows you to build robust online communities with advanced features such as community moderation, gamification, personalization, and much more. We’ve built a few communities on Higher Logic for some of our customers and found it to be absolutely game-changing, so much so that we’re now partners with Higher Logic.

      If you are planning to build or migrate your community to deliver a stellar customer experience and take CSAT up a notch, Higher Logic can be the perfect choice. And after listing all these amazing features that make Higher Logic special, need we say more?

      Wish to launch an online community and create a stellar market presence? Know more.

      Team Grazitti has years of experience in building advanced and dynamic online communities that accelerate engagement and returns. To know more about our community-building and management services, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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