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      4 Reasons to Build a Community on Discord

      Nov 16, 2021

      4 minute read

      “Providing seamless support from within Discord helps brands better control the customer experience while keeping users in their preferred channel.” – Mak Azadi, Discord COO

      Since its inception in 2015, Discord has shown no signs of stopping. With its engagement numbers topping the charts, it has become one of the most renowned names in the community space.

      Originally built for people to connect with friends and family across the world, Discord has managed to garner the attention of various B2B organizations and is being used to create feature-rich customer communities.

      Let’s take a look at everything there is to Discord and how it can be leveraged to build exceptional community experiences.

      What is Discord?

      With billions of users, Discord has become a popular platform designed primarily for gamers to connect and engage online. The platform comes with various features such as voice, text, and video chat that the users can leverage to connect with peers. Users can also join larger servers where larger communities can network together.

      Statistics suggest that:

      Discord has become a haven for almost any creator and anyone can take advantage of this free platform. After setting up the community servers, groups with limitless interests can create private servers for members and build their own spaces to engage within Discord.

      4 Features of Communities Built on Discord

      blog image- Discord

      Here are a few unique features that you can leverage to create multi-dimensional online communities built on Discord and boost business growth:

      • AI-Powered Bots:
      • Discord bots are the most useful features that you can use to perform a wide range of automated tasks on the server. For instance, you can use the MEE6 bot to welcome new members to the server or assign them roles. These AI-fueled bots enable you to easily personalize experience, moderate communications between members, and ban people who don’t abide by the rules and guidelines of your community.

      • Personalized Welcome Screens:
      • Using the Discord community server, you can set up personalized welcome screens in order to create a great onboarding experience and introduce users to what your community is all about. This helps your visitors to easily navigate through your channels without feeling lost.

      • Announcement Channels:
      • Unlike your traditional text channel, Announcement Channels allow you to show your messages beyond your server. The “Follow” button enables server members to integrate the channel with their own personal servers.

      • Community Discovery:
      • Setting up your community directly on Discord’s server discovery enables you to make it more visible to your target audience and customers. You no longer have to advertise about your community on different platforms to attract users.

      Discord is a platform that connects you with many other online communities. Using Discord, you can easily market your products and services and boost awareness about your brand. Not just this, a major advantage of using Discord is that you can grow your customer base by attracting more audiences to your own branded Discord community.

      4 Reasons to Build a Community on Discord for Your Brand

      blog image 2-Discord

      Communities being an essential part of Discord, the platform is focused on creating stellar customer experiences for the admin and members alike.

      With the ‘Community Server’ feature, anyone can build and release new features that are custom-made for communities.

      Let’s take a look at some reasons to build a branded community on Discord today.

      1. Control Who You Want to Add as a Member: Discord comes with an army of personalization options. Amongst these, the best feature is that you get the liberty to control who joins your community groups. You can even label your members as per your choice and assign roles to them. You can add targeted members by sending personal invitations, emails, or text messages, or even clickable website links.

      2. Create Special Groups for Active Members: Discord enables you to create multiple groups within your community server, allowing you to set up several text and voice channels. Also, you can control access with assigned roles. Access will depend on whether you’re an owner, admin, moderator, or member. You also get the option to create separate groups for your super users, support personnel, etc. These different tiers and member levels enable the better organization of active members and smooth communication across multiple channels.

      3. Provide Real Value to Your Users and Boost Sales: With customers becoming savvier, you need to invent strategies that offer them value for their investment. The foundation of a community built on Discord is to offer real value to members and that can be done by offering exclusive discounts and deals only to community users. You can announce the launch of your Discord community by curating special offers and hampers that are sure to ignite interest and lay the grounds for an active community.

      4. Improve CX by Delivering Diligent Customer Service: Discord comes with the option of delivering exceptional customer service as you can ask your members about their questions and issues directly through private conversations. Using Discord to resolve customer queries creates a positive and supportive community atmosphere. This encourages repeat business and keeps users engaged, both existing and potential users.

      Packed with unique, customizable, and flexible features, Discord servers are a great way to market your brand and increase brand awareness. An active community is what draws more users to join you. And that’s exactly what a community built on Discord vows to deliver.

      Wish to build vibrant communities and create a stellar business presence? Let’s talk!

      Team Grazitti has extensive experience in building multi-dimensional online communities that empower you to take your business to the next level. To know more about our CMaaS expertise, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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