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      Maximize Your Lead Generation Efforts With OneMark’s Pre-Fill Functionality

      Mar 20, 2023

      4 minute read

      45% of form data is submitted on a mobile device, effectuating the idea that the user experience of your online forms is key to collecting accurate data and plays a significant role in higher conversion rates[i].

      Although forms are a great way to gather customer information, returning users don’t like to fill out the same details over and over again.

      And this is where features like ‘pre-fill’ come into the picture. It leads to a reduced churn rate and prompts users to take the desired action.

      However, not every tool in MarTech provides you with such an option. For instance, a few years ago, Marketo bid adieu to its ‘pre-fill’ feature, directly impacting how users collect data.

      So, if you’re a Marketo user, it’s time to resolve all your ‘pre-fill’ woes.

      In this blog post, you will explore the difference between pre-fill and auto-fill, the better functionality out of these two, and a low-down on a solution that helps you provide a seamless pre-fill experience to your customer.

      Pre-fill vs Auto-fill

      Pre-fill is a process of filling in one or more answers on behalf of returning users when they first load the form, while auto-fill is an automated process that uses stored information to fill out forms. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages but they can both be used to save time and effort when filling out forms.

      Pre-fill is often used when the user has already entered the same information multiple times in the past, such as their address or contact details. This method allows them to quickly enter this information without having to type it in each time.

      Auto-fill, on the other hand, uses stored data from previous entries or external sources such as social media accounts or databases to automatically fill out forms with minimal effort from the user.

      Why Should You Opt for Pre-fill Instead of Auto-fill?

      While both of them can save time and effort, pre-fill is the better option for those who want to ensure accuracy and security. Pre-fill allows users to manually enter their information into a form, which is then stored securely in the system.

      This ensures that the data entered is accurate and up to date. Additionally, it also eliminates the risk of data being stolen or misused as it is not stored on any third-party servers.

      What is Progressive Profiling?

      Progressive profiling is a marketing technique that allows businesses to collect more information about their customers over time. It works by collecting small pieces of data from customers at each interaction, such as name, email address, and other contact information.

      This data is then used to create a more detailed profile of the customer which can be used for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences. Progressive profiling helps businesses build relationships with their customers by providing them with relevant content and offers that are tailored to their interests.

      By using this technique, businesses can increase customer engagement and loyalty while also improving the overall customer experience.

      How Does Progressive Profiling Affect Your Marketo Instance?

      Progressive profiling can help you gain valuable insights into your customers and their preferences. It allows you to collect more information about your customers over time, without overwhelming them with too many questions at once. This helps you build a better understanding of who they are and what they need from your business.

      By using progressive profiling in your Marketo instance, you can create more personalized experiences for your customers, which can lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. Additionally, it can help you optimize the performance of Marketo instances by providing more accurate data for analysis and decision-making.

      OneMark – Your One-Stop-Shop Solution for Resolving Your Pre-fill Woes

      At Grazitti, our Marketo mavens have created a smart, SaaS-based solution that helps businesses amplify user experience with the pre-fill functionality for Marketo forms on Marketo website pages and landing pages.

      The Benefits of OneMark

      OneMark offers a great way to fill out online forms effortlessly. Here are some notable benefits of OneMark that help you ace your lead generation efforts:

      • Improved Customer Experience: OneMark reduces time spent on populating forms to only a fraction of the time. It helps users save time and effort, provide a better experience, and improve customer engagement due to which you can focus on critical sales activities such as cross-sell, up-sell, and account management.
      • Increased Quote Completion & Conversions: OneMark’s pre-fill functionality significantly impacts a form’s completion and conversion rate as pre-fill asks users to do less and does not prompt them to fill the entire form again and again.
      • Decreased Cost of Acquisition: You can increase the responsiveness of your sales teams and improve lead generation efforts with OneMark. Moreover, it saves time, effort, and resources which will directly lead to reduced operational costs.
      • Better Targeting: You can create various customized landing pages for specific customers and also identify the most relevant and targeted visitors based on your goals and objectives.

      The Features of OneMark

      Here are some features of OneMark:

      • Easy to Set Up: Getting started with OneMark and configuring it is quite simple. Just hop on to the OneMark page and fill in the necessary details.
      • Secure: This solution is GDPR and CCPA-compliant, which means it doesn’t store any information in the form of cookies.
      • Additional Features: Along with the pre-fill functionality, OneMark also equips businesses with features such as progressive profiling for a better customer experience.
      • All-in-One Solution: OneMark is compatible with multiple website formats.


      User experience is all about making customer interaction as easy and enjoyable as possible while generating revenue. And OneMark helps you automate pre-fill functionality in Marketo forms to increase conversion. It also helps you build customer engagement by providing relevant content, which results in increased loyalty and satisfaction.

      Want to Provide a Better Customer Experience? Let’s Talk!

      Whether you want to get the best of OneMark’s pre-fill feature or need assistance with your lead generation efforts, Grazitti’s marketing automation experts can help you. Simply drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

      Statistics Reference:

      [i] WPForms

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