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      4 Ways AI Helps Moderate Community Engagement

      Mar 16, 2021

      3 minute read

      Online communities are evolving and are now being looked upon as the building blocks of engagement. There are a plethora of methods that can be used to leverage an online community, but AI, in particular, has created several opportunities for community managers and users alike to make the most of their community.

      For community managers, managing communities can become taxing and challenging as the processes can be repetitive and time-consuming. This is where AI comes into play for moderating all activities taking place in the community, even in their absence.

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of combining online communities with AI and how it can simplify a community manager’s work. Let’s get started!

      The Fusion of AI and Communities

      User engagement is a critical element of online communities. If the right strategies are applied, community members will not refrain from giving their inputs and help brands in improving their services and products. Minimizing human effort, AI empowers community managers to nurture new users and promote engagement.

      The fuel that ignites community activity in combination with AI is real-time data. The data collected can be used to suggest changes, define patterns, automate strategies, and test them as and when required. Every activity performed by the members can be easily tracked, recorded, and analyzed by embedding AI in the core functions of the community.

      How Can AI Help Amplify Community Efforts?

      When customers enter a search query on an AI-embedded community, machine learning auto-detects the search intent and presents the most relevant search results. Each data point of the user’s search intent, purchase history, previous communication, etc, enables AI to better understand the needs of the customers and create personalized experiences.

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      Mentioned below are some points that suggest how AI can help escalate your community efforts and ease out processes:

        • Developing a fluid community architecture: Before the introduction of AI and machine learning, the scope of communities was pretty restricted. The emergence of social networking helped in developing a multi-channel approach. By incorporating AI in communities, specific zones can be created around discussions and maximum engagement can be extracted.


        • Facilitating personalization: AI can add immense value to a community by enabling personalization. With AI, communities can scale better and improve the overall customer experience. Member interests can be highlighted using AI and strategies can be devised around those interests for traction. By acknowledging user demands and interests and tailoring personalized experiences, the users will get a sense of belonging which will promote loyalty and trust.


        • Minimizing overall operational cost: Once users become familiar with the community, they start relying on the information being updated for solving any issue they face with a product or service. Communities allow members to interact with each other and share experiences that build a dynamic environment within the space. This approach takes a lot off the back of the community manager. Integrating AI-powered search within the community helps lower operational costs as community managers do not have to deal with routine support issues.


      • Filtering authentic brand advocates: Community managers have access to data that can be used to trace the most active community users. These active users have the potential to become true brand advocates, but finding the right one can be time-consuming. This is where AI jumps in. AI enables community managers to filter out volumes of data by showing the most relevant information first.

      AI helps extend the capabilities of online communities and makes management a cake-walk for community managers.


      Integrating AI with online communities not only leads to increased CSAT and customer engagement but also helps in automating the most time-consuming tasks. As a result, community managers can invest more time in developing deeper connections with the members and focus on their expectations from the brand.

      Wish to know more about AI and community management? Know more.

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