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      Salesforce’s Strategic Move: Acquiring Spiff for Sales Commission Automation

      Jan 02, 2024

      3 minute read

      In continuation of its goal to support effective business operations, Salesforce is leaving no stone unturned. With a track record of acquiring 59 businesses and pioneering the forefront of Generative AI through EinsteinGPT, the company remains resolute in its objectives.

      In a recent development, Salesforce has signed an agreement to acquire Spiff- a platform that automates sales commissions to the teams.

      Notably, Spiff was ranked 23rd in INC’s fastest-growing private companies in the US.

      Spiff CEO on Acquisition

      In another strategic move in September 2023, Salesforce acquired a low-code platform to create AI-enabled customer service agents. Airkit was funded by its venture capital arm “Salesforce Ventures”, along with its availability on AppExchange.

      All this demonstrates Salesforce’s strategy to acquire businesses that are tried and tested in the relevant use cases.

      In this blog post, let us learn more about Salesforce’s acquisition of Spiff and how this is going to enhance Salesforce’s existing suite.

      How Will Spiff Acquisition Benefit Salesforce?

      Spiff facilitates the automation of commission for sales teams to keep them motivated and support growth.

      In the same announcement, Salesforce revealed that Spiff would be part of their “Sales Performance Management” solution which connects customers and sales teams.

      This Sales Performance Management solution is further complemented by Sales Cloud. All these platforms including Sales Cloud, Revenue Intelligence Platform, Partner Relationship Building, and others fall under the Customer 360 Platform.

      Sales Cloud already provides features for ‘Opportunity Collaboration’ and ‘Opportunity Splits’. This feature helps sales teams collaborate on deals and then share the credits respectively.

      With Spiff contributing to ‘Sales Performance Management’, the native Salesforce features designed to streamline commission processes will gain additional capabilities.

      Spiff’s Features for Streamlined Sales Commission Management

      Whether you are a decision maker at your organization or a sales representative, Spiff covers almost everything required to automate the commissions. Here is a brief overview of the features of Spiff:

      Spiff Features

      Features for Businesses:

      • Commission Plan Design: Craft intricate commission structures based on quotas, performance tiers, product mix, and more.
      • Automated Calculations: Ditch spreadsheets and errors! Spiff automatically calculates commissions with precision, ensuring timely payouts.
      • Real-Time Visibility: Gain instant insights into team performance, earning potential, and progress towards goals.
      • Scalability and Agility: Easily adjust and adapt commission plans as your business grows or needs to evolve.
      • Data-Driven Decision Making: Track performance metrics and analyze commission data to optimize your incentive programs.
      • Integration With CRM: Seamlessly connect Spiff with your existing CRM platform for a unified view of sales data.

      For Sales Teams:

      • Motivation and Engagement: Clear visibility into earning potential and real-time progress fuels healthy competition and drives results.
      • Transparency and Fairness: Spiff’s transparent calculations remove ambiguity and build trust within the team.
      • Focus on Selling: Eliminate the burden of commission tracking and manual calculations, freeing up time for selling activities.
      • Goal Setting and Achievement: Track progress towards individual and team goals, encouraging focus and accomplishment.
      • Predictable Income: Spiff’s accurate and timely payouts ensure consistent earnings for top performers.

      Furthermore, Spiff has customizable dashboards, role-based access controls, auditing and compliance, and much more that make sales commission automation a breeze.


      For Salesforce, this acquisition strengthens its position as a leader in CRM solutions by providing a comprehensive and integrated offering for sales performance management. Additionally, Spiff’s proven track record and strong customer base contribute to Salesforce’s overall growth and market reach.

      Ultimately, Salesforce provides a solution that takes care of all Sales processes from teams to gain efficient, transparent, and motivating commission management.

      SFSC Salesforce Acquires Spiff Dec23 CTA Image

      Our team of Salesforce experts can be your ally to streamline sales processes including sales commission automation. Simply drop us an email at [email protected], and we will take it up from there.

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