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      Sales Cloud

      Optimizing Sales Cloud with CPQ Integration

      Aug 31, 2015

      3 minute read

      As your business grows, your business complexity also continues to expand. Product line extensions, service add-ons, accessory bundles, discounting offers, third-party components, multiple channels, additional geographies – it’s all sufficient to muddle reps while trying to close a deal. CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is an effective solution for SME and large organizations that allows sales channels to automate sales process, eliminate revenue outflow and decrease risk.

      With a fully customized CPQ- Sales Cloud solution, companies can:

      • Improve cross-sell & up-sell ratio
      • Reduce time to book orders
      • Prevent duplicate contact data
      • Decrease time-to-market
      • Decrease DSO (days sales outstanding)
      • Enhance sales & operational predicting capabilities
      Sales Cloud

      Integrating CPQ with Salesforce Sales Cloud

      Salesforce Sales Cloud is the leading sales application for managing contacts and accounts, while accelerating business productivity. CPQ integration with Sales Cloud does more than automating the proposal and quote process. It not only makes sales reps efficient and effective, but is also an indispensable component of a successful multi-channel, global selling strategy.

      CPQ integration with Sales CloudImage Credits:
      [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Once built within the Salesforce platform, CPQ helps the sales reps with any additional configurations needed and recommends the most appropriate add-ons for them, such as extended service contracts, extra training sessions or free products.

      Features of CPQ-Sales Cloud integrated solution

      • Product Configuration: The CPQ-Sales Cloud integrated solution is backed by a robust configurator engine that can manage the most complicated product configurations with ease. It supports the sales processes with pricing, quotes, product descriptions and technical drawings.
      • Guided Selling: With guided selling, sales reps can help customers make the right buying decisions, based on their specific business needs and other key factors like running costs, energy efficiency, intended usage, price and more.
      • Pricing Options: The defined pricing hierarchies enable your sales team to offer customers with best products at the best price. Depending on the factors like units, volume and usage, your team will agree on the pricing and discounts that maximize your profits.
      • Pricing Adjustments: The solution includes some amazing pricing adjustments based on parameters like markups, discounts, and price overrides. Having a lot of customization options, it allows you to take full control of the product pricing while showcasing your products and services with ease.
      • Asset-Based Ordering: The configuration software, when integrated with sales cloud empowers your sales team with product expertise. It enables them to create accurate quotations on the basis of existing agreements and purchase history – no matter how complicated the products or their variables are.
      • Proposal Generation: It helps creating winning sales proposals 40% faster, enabling your sales team to create comprehensive, winning sales proposals in a fraction of time, while improving the overall sales margins.
      • eSignature for Proposals: The eSignature tool helps to ensure the legal validity as well as the security of an electronic transaction in the cross-border settings. Getting eSignature approval for the sales proposals make sure that every proposal you deliver addresses the customer’s business needs, proving the required products on time and in budget.
      • X-Author for CPQ: It complements your selling process with accurate quotes based on the CPQ rules and processes. Your sales reps can leverage excel to produce high-quality sales quotes including 3-D drawings, technical documentation, pricing and bills of the products – all within the Sales Cloud.
      • CPQ Analytics: The big data analytics from the CPQ solution unlocks the data exploration capabilities that enable analysis to understand the pricing customer segments and other business drivers. This results in a targeted and more optimized product offering.

      Sell more, sell bigger and sell anywhere…!!!

      As a sales specialist, if you’re configuring, pricing and quoting efficiently, you’re bound to be selling more and selling faster. At Grazitti Interactive, our team of Salesforce developers has expertise in integrating the right Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions along with complicated selling and ordering solutions. Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information about our CPQ and Sales Cloud implementation services.

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