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      Simplify Your Loan Management Cycle With Customized Salesforce Sales Cloud®

      Sep 05, 2019

      5 minute read

      Are you leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage the loan cycle for your products?

      The rapidly changing market is forcing lenders to deliver more and provide customer-centric experiences.

      To save time and transform your complex and slow-moving lending process, you must utilize the power of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

      In most companies, loan management is complicated. Too much time is spent on organizing paper and data to figure out where things stand. Your loan management process should have clear visibility, availability of products, transparency, and fast approval processes.

      Let us explain to you—with an example—the importance of loan management, which was delivered to our customer with detailed customization to enhance the entire process.

      William manages a product based company that specializes in fitness devices and equipment in Dallas, Texas.

      The company serves more than 1,000 customers every month and are steadily expanding their customer base by providing products with new features.

      But there were some barriers to the customer experience that William and his team were looking to provide. They were dealing with expensive fitness devices and wanted to expand the market base. For that, William thought of improving his company’s existing loan management process.

      The company’s existing loan system was mismanaged and there was hardly any visibility of the loan statuses. William wanted to improve this along with other multiple issues in the loan management system.

      His team’s main challenge was to deal with the entire loan management system, which was for both the customer and staff. Here are some of the major challenges that William was facing:

      1. His team was using an old loan management system to manage loan requests for all used and new products (fitness devices) and were facing challenges as the system lacked options for loan tracking and reporting.

      2. As they lacked loan categories in the existing system, it was difficult for them to handle the loan for both staff and customers.

      3. Also, the existing loan approval criteria was too generic, so they wanted to have a loan approval system based on different regions, products, designation (in case of staff), and location. They wanted the loan approver to have the transparency to see the needs of the loan seeker for fitness devices.

      4. William’s team was struggling with visibility of the entire loan approval process. They desired to receive reminders for approvals.

      5. The entire loan process was time-consuming. His team was also facing issues with loan status and wanted to manage both staff and customer loan, all under one window.

      6. His team was lacking the visibility of the exact number of used products received in their warehouse after the loan was completed. They also planned to sell these products further under the used category.

      7. William’s team was using 4 different platforms to manage the entire loan management system but using multiple platforms restricted his team to manage loans efficiently. It created usability issues as information for the same loan product was not maintained under one window.

      8. He was also concerned as his team was not receiving any notifications prior to the loan end date. They were struggling with loan statuses and were spending more time on this.

      9. His team was not getting any product order initiation email for internal reference and was facing issues also when the statuses of all the loans were changed.

      For this, William got in touch with us and shared his problem(s). So, keeping all of the aforementioned challenges in mind, a customized solution was drafted by our expert Salesforce team.

      Our team introduced a Global Loan Management System (GLMS) for the client to give clear visibility and manage the entire end-to-end loan system effectively.


      The customized solution was drafted and shared with William. After his approval, our experts started working to deliver our best in class customized services:

      1. Our team migrated all the old loan accounts to the new system with zero data loss. The entire system was migrated to Lightning Experience.

      2. Our team created staff and customer profiles to manage the loans. The customer profile was further divided into three categories:

      • Normal Customer: All customers came under this category including customers and staff who desired to buy new products.
      • VVIP Customer: All the top athletes came under this category as it helped promote the fitness devices.
      • Discount Customer: All the used products were sold under the discounted category.

      To provide loan to these customers we divided the loan approvers (users) into 3 types:

      • Touch User: These users were allowed to give loan to the staff and Normal customers.
      • Care User: These users provided loan to cases from the community.
      • Feel User: These users were allowed to give loan to all customers.

      3. We introduced the Approval metrics for managing criteria, persona, department-based approval for the loan, product based approvals, region-based approvals.

      4. Our team provided multiple reminder facility to William’s team. We created reminders for approvals in case the approval was skipped in the first reminder, then a second and third reminder helped the loan approver to timely approve the loan.

      5. We provided them with multiple loan statuses in loan information section for better transparency and maintenance of the product loan cycle. This facilitated all stages of the product from drafts to the end delivery.


      6. We managed to provide them the visibility about the number of products available as per each region in the market and warehouse. Our team provided out of the box solution which helped William’s team to track products which were never recovered after the completion of the entire loan process.

      7. We integrated all 4 different platforms to unify the entire GLMS on a single platform. Our team integrated the following:

      • Salesforce: for customer data
      • SAP: for the product, pricing, and e-invoice
      • DocuSign: for Agreements
      • FedEx: for shipping

      Integration solved the issue of managing all platforms as it was made visible under one window.

      8. The loan was divided into categories, 6 months for staff and 12 months for customers for all products. The notifications were set for staff and customers, 5 months and 11 months respectively prior to the pending loan statuses.

      9. We customized the order initiation email with auto email generation once the product order was initiated. A number of tasks that are to be performed are defined in the Email so that the order can now be processed and is ready to be shipped.

      Apart from these, we also assisted and customized the process functionality of Chatter within the Lightning Experience, so that loan management could become easy and transparent for the staff, and customers.

      We also facilitated the post loan process for both staff and customers. They were given options to choose amongst the following:

      • I will buy
      • Extend
      • Return

      Our solution added value to William’s business in terms of productivity, connectivity, collaboration, visibility and helped him take better decisions.

      This is just one of the hundreds of our success stories. Our Salesforce experts have successfully delivered solutions to a number of Fortune 500 companies.

      In case you need any kind of Salesforce-related assistance, Contact Us.

      At Grazitti Interactive, our certified Salesforce experts have provided award-winning, customized solutions for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Online Communities, and other Salesforce implementations and integrations. If you need any sort of assistance with the latest Salesforce enhancements or optimizing your instance, drop us a line at [email protected].

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