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      What exactly is Journey Builder?

      Nov 17, 2014

      4 minute read

      Have you seen a multi-track flyover? Different awesomely and technically built roadways to help you reach a certain destination quickly! Salesforce Journey Builder is a similar flyover, to help you find a technically perfect track-way to grasp particular customer(s). It dynamically provides the cloud-based marketing workflow to build, automate and optimize custom-made campaigns at customer scale.

      Fly Over
      Salesforce is still among the ones that are leading the pack in Forrester’s Latest Wave Report about Marketing Cloud Leaders; “Thanks to its (Salesforce’s) product road map, unified interface and data platform and utility of its Journey Builder product.”

      A Glimpse at its features

      We can automate customer targeted actions with Salesforce Marketing Cloud by building customer journey maps using the new Journey Builder. Journey Builder was announced during the summer, but recently at Dreamforce 2014, the Marketing Cloud is making all the new features available:

      • Provides drag and drop, one-to-one interface by automating the performance of lifecycle campaigns across email, mobile, social and the Web; according to the customer behaviour
      • Optimizes messages in real time, based on each customer’s unique actions
      • Tracks multi-channel journey of each customer
      • Provides advanced analytics and performance tracking for step by step marketing modules
      • Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud model
      • Leverages ExactTarget’s third party advanced data integration abilities to optimize campaigns through aids like web conferencing, direct mail, registrations, QR code activation, Facebook ad retargeting, and more

      Journey Builder

      “The future of marketing is the ‘customer journey,’” McCorkle, who leads the ExactTarget component of Salesforce, said in a statement.

      This future mentioned by McCorkle is indeed the present now! The need to understand the complete customer journey- measure and optimize its impact on the business, and planning the marketing strategies accordingly, can be met efficiently with Journey Builder.

      What are the benefits of Journey Builder?

      Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been an ace in the marketing automation arena. Journey mapping is undeniably one of its best features, requested by companies who want to apply one to one marketing based on data coming through other marketing assets. It benefits marketing in the following ways:

      More Customer Engagement: Journey Builder empowers you to increase campaign performance through multi-channel approach, accelerating customer engagement through diverse ways. Engage customers in tailored cross-channel journeys, getting their digital and physical worlds together into smooth experiences.

      Real Time Tracking: Administer your campaigns easily, check interactions and feeds in real time-track and test all campaign elements in real time, while measuring results over days, weeks, or months with campaign version control.

      Personalized Approach: Deliver timely and appropriate content that reaches customers when, where, and how they prefer by tailoring particular customer interactions through real-time individual behaviours. Send personalized messages in-app, by diverse connected devices, or through any other channel of choice.

      No Technical Expertise required for: Assessing your marketing strategy with random split-testing, estimating progress towards campaign aims centered on particular customer facts, and visually evaluating which channels and mediums show best results.

      Identify Diverse Touch-points for Greater Engagement: Envision and manage a customer journey at every potential touch point. The drag & drop approach enriches customer experience according to the individual behaviour and personalized directing.

      Broader Customer View: Get 360-degree view of your customer to convey the right message, at the right time, via integrations like email, SMS, mobile push, or Predictive Intelligence. You may even expand your reach to channels like in-app messaging, call centres, connected devices, etc. You also save a lot of time by direct access to individual customer journeys.

      Integrate Information from all Salesforce: Journey Builder is connected to the other parts of the Salesforce ecosystem- the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud; which helps saving all the resources needed to feed information and migrate data from other Salesforce wings.

      Save Time: By direct access to individual customer journeys, amend and strategize your existing marketing funnel, saving all the time otherwise spent on filling the gaps created due to lack of specific analytics.

      It’s a mobile-first world and today’s customer stems interactions across hundreds of digital channels, anytime of the day. Marketers thus need to have a level of connectivity that is exceptional, and help them understand their customer better. Journey Builder caters to all such essentials, providing a convenient work-map for customer acquisition and targeted marketing.

      About GrazittiTM

      GrazittiTM provides all-encompassing Salesforce services for Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud. Our certified developers, agile processes and adherence has helped companies like Marketo, Alteryx, Lancope, Ping Identity, Centrify, Ooyala and more, maximize their Salesforce investments.
      Our specialized Marketing Cloud Services include:

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