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      M-Clean: An Effective Dedupe Solution for MS Dynamics

      Dec 05, 2017

      3 minute read

      Marketo and MS Dynamics make a really good match. Compared to other CRMs, MS Dynamics has emerged as a powerful and highly flexible CRM software in the recent times. However, like most CRMs, getting rid of duplicate records is a big challenge in MS Dynamics as well. It does offer an inbuilt duplicate data detection feature, but Dynamics users have been facing the challenge of maintaining a duplicate-free database in MS Dynamics. Especially because there was no third-party dedupe solution for Dynamics available in the market.

      If you’re an MS Dynamics user and are struggling to maintain a duplicate-free database, this blog post is for you.M-Clean_for_MS_Dynamics

      Introducing M-Clean for MS Dynamics

      A real-time deduplication app, M-Clean does wonders when it comes to cleaning bad data. Here are a few reasons why M-Clean is a perfect data cleansing solution for your MS Dynamics CRM:

      • Real-time Dedupe Check
        Besides merging the existing duplicates in your CRM, it also prevents the creation of new duplicates in real time.
      • Custom Rules
        Its custom rules help identify the winning record in case of duplicates and tailor the results according to your business requirements.
      • Data Append Settings
        M-Clean also allows you to configure data append settings while merging duplicate records.
      • Live Dedupe Report
        With M-Clean, you can view the history of the merged records using the live dedupe report feature anytime.

      Here are a few limitations of the duplicate detection feature of MS Dynamics, which require you to have a real-time advanced dedupe solution:Manual Effort
      MS Dynamics only shows an alert when someone creates a new record and a duplicate one already exists. It does not automatically delete or merge the duplicate(s). The person creating the new record has to manually do that.

      Research shows that majority of the CRM users choose to ignore the warning and save the record anyway. This ultimately affects the outcome of marketing campaigns when you spend a significant amount of your marketing budget on targeting the same customer repetitively.

      Generic Solution
      MS Dynamics comes with pre-configured rules for detecting duplicates. This kind of ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution may disappoint organizations looking for specific results and it may prove a disastrous data cleansing step for users who want to decide which ones will be winning records.

      Tricky Rules
      Although MS Dynamics has duplicate detection rules to minimize bad data, it’s vital to have a proper understanding of how to build those rules to get the best results.

      For instance, the duplicate detection rule criterion is applied as an ‘AND’ statement, and not as an ‘OR’ statement. Here, if you create this rule for contacts with same name, email, contact number, and address, it may not be beneficial, as it relies on users whether or not they fill all the fields in the same manner.

      Complicated Process
      MS Dynamics duplicate detection rules may not work in your favor, if you have an incomplete understanding of them.

      For instance, some users simply dismiss a duplicate alert and save the record because they don’t know how to fix it. Those who attempt to handle the duplicate do not succeed due to the process being complicated. Therefore, it’s vital to have a thorough understanding of the rules before you start using them.

      Regular Management
      Detecting duplicates in MS Dynamics is not a one-time task. You need to proactively manage and address the duplicate records on a regular basis.

      You can choose the detection jobs to run automatically, but it has its own limitation. The process can be automated only for specified time intervals. This means, that you need to renew the detection period from time to time so that the detection job runs continuously.Want to leverage M-Clean for MS Dynamics? Let’s discuss!

      Grazitti Interactive offers real-time and customizable deduplication solutions for your CRM. Our dedicated team of developers helps keep your marketing database duplicate-free and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. To know more about our deduplication services, drop us a mail at [email protected].

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