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      Cleanse and Dedupe Your Marketo Data With M-Clean

      Feb 16, 2023

      5 minute read

      Data is crucial for making informed decisions. It powers automated workflows and gives marketing, sales, and customer support teams the insights they need to optimize their performance and make data-driven decisions.

      However, if your database is cluttered with bad data, it can cost you time, money, and ultimately, reduce the ROI from your marketing campaigns.

      Most marketing automation instances may have duplicates that enter the database from multiple sources including manual entries, web-to-lead, list imports, and integration.

      Therefore, to make your Marketo database squeaky clean, using a data dedupe tool is a good decision.

      In this blog post, we’ll talk about the importance of data accuracy for successful marketing campaigns and how a powerful dedupe solution can help you amplify the performance of your marketing campaigns.

      Why Accurate Data is Important for Successful Marketing Campaigns

      Data fuels insights provided it’s accurate. Duplicate data can ruin database quality, bring down marketing efforts, and get heavy on the pocket if left untreated. Here’s why accurate data is important for successful marketing campaigns:

      1. Better Marketing Segmentation

      Accurate data can help marketers to effectively segment leads and prospects so as to deliver personalized experiences to them. You can segment leads based on any differentiating field in your database, such as, job title, industry, geographic location, language, etc. When all the information in these fields is accurate and consistent, you can quickly identify the right leads and optimize your marketing campaigns.

      2. Improved Lead Scoring & Routing

      Lead scoring involves ranking prospective leads in your marketing automation platform to understand where they are in the buying journey. Also, it identifies which behaviors indicate purchase intent. Effective lead scoring highly relies on quality data so that your sales and marketing teams prioritize the leads most likely to convert and move high-value leads down the funnel. Data deduplication ensures that the data you collect is clean, standardized, and scorable.

      3. Better ROI from Your Campaigns

      A clean and accurate contact list automatically means you are running a well-targeted marketing campaign. By doing that, you have a better opportunity to engage your customers. The prime benefit of contact verification is you are putting the resources in a better and more efficient manner. The cost of running a campaign will go down and the ROI will increase. It gives you a higher return on every dollar you are putting in.

      Data Duplication Challenges Faced by Automation Businesses

      We’ve all dealt with duplicate data before. Whether we upload it ourselves into the system or mistakenly create a second entry manually. That means any insights you gain from this data are inaccurate and not useful for your business. Here are some key challenges that are faced by automation businesses due to duplicate data:

      • Absence of Single Customer View

        If you have duplicate customer records in your database, you’ll never have a clear picture of your customer’s journey.

      • Inaccurate Lead Scoring

        Leads sourced from duplicate data records will greatly skew results. It will result in inaccurate quarterly planning of marketing campaigns and affect lead conversion.

      • Ineffective Lead Routing

        Duplicate records can be assigned to multiple sales reps, causing confusion in the sales team and poor customer service. Also, it can cause slower routing, preventing some potential leads from qualifying for sales.

      • Wasted Marketing Budget

        Having duplicate records in your database can eat into your marketing budget quickly. With large data integrity issues, there’s no guarantee that your marketing data provides an accurate representation of the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, which can ultimately, lead to a wasted marketing budget.

      • Misaligned Customer Service

        Duplicate records also impede your ability to offer a stellar customer experience. If a customer calls, it will be much harder to resolve the issue if you have to dig through multiple duplicate records to find the right details. Sometimes, duplicate records have some information missing, which can result in records that look like the “main” record but have data missing from them, which ultimately, prevents you from delivering superior CX.

      • Increased Cost

        When you have duplicates in your database, you drive up storage costs. It’s not just storage costs, though, it can also negatively impact your marketing efforts with it. For instance, you might pay more for the design, development, and delivery costs of products like brochures, books, cards, etc, to the same recipient multiple times.

      These challenges, if not addressed properly, can lead to ineffective campaigns.

      Benefits of Using a Dedupe Tool for a Squeaky Clean Database

      Duplicate data leads to bad experiences, both for your teams and your customers. Therefore, to remove irrelevant and inaccurate data from your database, automated dedupe tools can be your closest bet. Dedupe tools will help you:

      • Identify and delete duplicate records in your database before they cause any further damage to your existing customer record.
      • Save time and energy by automatically weeding out duplicate records.
      • Keep your customer data clean and updated to make informed decisions.
      • Ensure that each of your customers receives timely and relevant communications tailored to their needs.

      M-Clean: An Effective Solution to Fight Duplicates in Marketo

      To prevent your Marketo database from the evils of duplicates, you need a solution that goes above and beyond for detecting duplicates. And that’s where Grazitti can help! We provide comprehensive marketing automation services to fuel your needs. Also, to cater to your challenges with duplicate records, we have developed M-Clean. It is a dedupe solution for Marketo that cleanses and dedupes your data automatically and improves the performance of your marketing campaigns. Here are some key features of M-Clean:


      1. Detect & Merge Existing Duplicate Records

      M-Clean enables you to detect and merge duplicate records based on custom rules that can be created in different ways inside Marketo. Besides, merging the existing duplicate records in your database, it also prevents the creation of new duplicate records in real-time.

      2. Configure Custom Dedupe Rules

      Not all duplicates are bad in your Marketo database. There are cases where multiple contacts might exist in your database but with a common email address and you’d want to keep those different records in your system. M-Clean allows you to configure rules to identify the best record and select how data should be updated for different fields.

      3. Configure the Field Data

      Based on your specific requirement, you can configure field data like text, string, integer, date & time to get the most accurate duplicate records.

      4. Provide Real-Time Data Insights and Reports

      With M-Clean, you can view the history of the merged records such as how many duplicate records were found and how many of them were merged using the live de-dupe report functionality anytime.

      The Bottom Line

      For any smart and intelligent marketer, M-Clean is a holy grail. This custom dedupe solution adds value to the business by removing the poor quality data from Marketo and reducing the lead volume cost, ultimately, helping generate better ROI.

      Ready to Say Goodbye to Duplicates in Your Marketo Database? Schedule a Demo!

      Get rid of duplicate records with M-Clean and power your Marketo database to boost your marketing and sales efforts. Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

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