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      Khoros-Salesforce Case Connector

      Deeper View into Customer Behavior with Lithium-Salesforce Connector

      May 15, 2015

      3 minute read

      Lithium provides a platform for customer communities which nurtures interactions between customers and the brand. The Lithium community integration with Salesforce combines customer activities and established workflows for the company to take action on.

      So if you are using Lithium as your community platform and Salesforce as your CRM, it is important that the two software tools work well together. Extracting data from two different platforms, consolidating it and deriving insights into customer behavior is an extremely time intensive process. To make this process simpler, time and cost effective, Grazitti has built a custom Lithium-Salesforce connector that seamlessly integrates data from Lithium to Salesforce, providing an enhanced view of the customer behavior.

      What is Lithium-Salesforce connector?

      Lithium-Salesforce connector is a managed package used to sync the details of Lithium users to any Salesforce instance. This solution automatically associates community users’ data with the Salesforce account that they are allotted to. This Lithium and Salesforce integration solution drives substantial business value by significantly helping you to lower your support costs, drive revenue and advance innovation based on the customers’ needs.


      How does it work?

      As companies focus on improving and managing the customer experience, they need to incorporate their customers’ social interactions with internal CRM systems. The goal of the integration is to get closer to customers and provide a better social customer experience. Lithium-Salesforce connector seamlessly integrates data from your Lithium community including ideas, backend data and account details into the Salesforce account.

      It works in 4 simple steps-

      1. Creates a custom user record and contact corresponding to every user in lithium
      2. Creates user in Salesforce corresponding to the Lithium user id and contacts, corresponding to the email id of the user to avoid the redundancy
      3. Empower moderators to escalate community interactions directly to cases, thereby greatly reducing response time
      4. Directly report interactions with users to Salesforce and have almost real-time synchronization of activities within the community

      Lithium-Salesforce connector allows-

      • Admins to extract data easily from a single platform for customized and improved reports
      • Reps to figure out which Idea is more cost saving as the opportunities can be linked to Ideas
      • Community managers and sales reps to have a 360 view of the customer behavior

      Benefits of Lithium-Salesforce connector

      1. Improves customer satisfaction- Pushes important community conversations such as reported issues, solutions, and product recommendations into Salesforce, and using your existing business information routes & responds from Salesforce directly to the community.
      2. Reduces the cost to generate knowledge base solutions- Pushes community-driven content into Salesforce solutions. Service managers can view the compelling and relevant content pushed from the community and easily integrate it into the Salesforce Knowledge Base
      3. Increases brand loyalty & sales- Community user data and activity seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce contact records. Sales can engage in relevant & productive conversations based on a prospect’s community activity to drive deals
      4. Enhance Management Decisions- Management can get an immediate pulse of the most important customer issues and take appropriate actions accordingly, with real-time customer conversations & insights from your community

      Here’s a Success Story of Lithium-Salesforce Integration

      Optimizely, the leading Optimization platform used our Lithium-Salesforce Connector for an enhanced and deeper view into customer behavior. Using a REST API for Lithium, Grazitti created a standalone custom Lithium-Salesforce connector for Optimizely within two weeks. The connector met Optimizely’s unique requirements that revolved around integrating ideas, backend data and account details. This ensured seamless data migration and simpler data visualization for easier decision making. With the Lithium-Salesforce connector, the community managers and sales reps had a 360 view of the customer behavior and could dive into what the community users were doing, what were they spending most time on, and more.

      About Grazitti Lithium Services

      We have delivered scalable, efficient, beautiful and engaging communities for Optimizely, Centrify, Open Table and more that are integrated seamlessly with your existing systems. We offer all Lithium community services – Strategy, Design, Setup, Integrations, Deployment, Data Migration, and Support. Read in detail

      To learn more about our Lithium community services or talk to our Lithium experts, drop us a line at [email protected]

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