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      Fuel Your Sales Engine: How Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Drives Growth

      Mar 06, 2024

      4 minute read

      The traditional playbook of marketing has evolved.

      Now it’s not just about engaging leads and customers, today’s marketing teams also have the essential task of empowering their sales force with the right tools, resources, and data.

      Why the shift?

      This is because the sales funnel operates as a tag team effort, where marketing lays the groundwork and hands off qualified leads for sales to seal the deal.

      But to do it right, we need to treat our sales team like customers, offering them the tools and insights they need to shine.

      Enter Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot): your secret weapon for next-level sales enablement.

      This powerful platform goes beyond lead nurturing. It’s about forging strong alliances with your sales team, understanding which marketing efforts truly move the needle, and providing them with the resources to:

      • Reach new prospects with targeted campaigns
      • Close deals faster with data-driven insights and streamlined workflows
      • Stand out with personalized, impactful customer experiences

      In this blog post, we’ll discuss how marketers can leverage Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to empower their sales team and drive sales enablement.

      How Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Drives Sales Enablement

      Sales enablement, as defined by Salesforce, revolves around equipping your sales representatives with customized resources and training to enhance their performance in every interaction. This approach empowers your sales team, ultimately leading to more efficient deal closures.

      To effectively meet sales enablement objectives, leveraging the capabilities of Account Engagement is crucial. This robust platform offers a wealth of innovative tools specifically crafted to elevate your sales performance.

      Now, let’s examine how Account Engagement empowers your team to achieve sales success.

      How Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Drives Sales Enablement

      Manage Campaigns Seamlessly

      Account Engagement empowers you to efficiently manage the scheduling and distribution of both your social media and digital marketing campaigns. By using connectors such as Google Adwords within Account Engagement to seamlessly streamline your efforts.

      Also, it lets you keep track of how customers are interacting with your content. This makes it easy to automatically follow up with potential customers. You can seamlessly transfer this data into your CRM platform, giving your sales team quick insights right from the lead and contact records. This helps them connect with potential customers in a timely and relevant way.

      With Account Engagement, you can give scores to potential customers based on their actions. This helps you figure out who is interested in what you’re offering. So, you can focus on the most promising leads and know which ones are ready for your sales team to connect with.

      Optimize Follow-Ups

      Marketing tools have changed how sales work. Now, both the marketing and sales teams are working together to make the sales process better. Marketers help sales by using automation and making useful content. This way, sales can spend less time on manual work and focus more on closing deals.

      Moreover, with Account Engagement you can:

      • Customize email templates that sales can use to send emails to potential customers easily. This saves time because the content and links are already made.
      • Use Engagement Studio to build programs that facilitate effective follow-up with leads, customers, and sales opportunities.
      • Since the sales team is like your new customer, create a program to help new employees learn about all the tools they have. Give them helpful tips and reminders.
      • Use tasks to remind sales when to follow up with leads. MCAE’s Engagement Studio can help schedule these tasks so that follow-ups happen at the right time.

      Additionally, you can set up notifications when a user expresses interest in your assets. This way, your sales team can receive instant notifications whenever a prospect or customer engages with your content.

      Create Personalized Content

      Say goodbye to the era of generic brochures and mass email blasts. With Account Engagement, you have the power to create personalized experiences that truly connect with each prospect. You can create dynamic landing pages that adapt based on a visitor’s past interactions, nurturing email journeys specifically tailored to their interests, and customized redirects that track every click.

      With Account Engagement, your content no longer echoes into the void; instead, it engages in targeted conversations that prompt meaningful actions.

      Align Sales & Marketing Teams

      Achieving seamless sales and marketing alignment is crucial as it fosters a unified approach, ensuring consistent messaging and a better understanding of customer needs.

      Account Engagement guarantees transparency by delivering your sales team immediate access to the insights generated by marketing. This empowers them to understand the intent behind each asset and attain the knowledge necessary to accelerate the deal closure.

      Generate High-Quality Leads

      Imagine engagement data dashboards embedded directly into CRM records, giving your sales reps a 360-degree view of each prospect’s journey. Account Engagement makes this possible! You can say goodbye to cold calls based on outdated information; each interaction is fueled by insights on what interests the prospect, what content they’ve engaged with, and even their real-time website activity.

      Account Engagement lets you categorize engagement by topic and product line, painting a clear picture of the prospect’s needs and desires. Also, to ensure your sales reps are the first to capitalize on sales-ready leads, real-time notifications keep them in the loop whenever a prospect interacts with a key page, opens an email, or clicks on a crucial link. In sales, speed is king, and Account Engagement puts your sales team on the throne!

      Train Your Sales Team

      Equipping your sales reps with the right tools is only half the battle. You need to train them to wield those tools like Jedi masters. Account Engagement steps in as your internal training academy.

      You can create bite-sized, personalized training modules delivered through drip campaigns, keeping your sales team constantly learning and engaged. Moreover, you can add gamification elements and turn knowledge acquisition into a points-collecting quest.

      This approach ensures that your sales team not only becomes acquainted with the platform, but confident and proactive in using it to its full potential. They can track opportunities, manage accounts, and navigate the platform with ease.


      In the competitive battlefield of today’s marketplace, simply setting the stage for your sales team isn’t enough. You need a force multiplier like Marketing Cloud Account Engagement that harmonizes marketing and sales, transforming prospects into loyal customers.

      No more siloed strategies and disconnected efforts! Account Engagement is the secret sauce that binds these vital functions, fueling your sales engine with actionable insights and personalized campaigns. It empowers your team to identify high-value accounts, orchestrate multi-channel journeys, and nurture leads with laser-sharp precision.

      So, are you ready to raise the curtain on a new era of sales enablement?

      Kickstart Your Sales Enablement With Account Engagement Now. Talk to Us!

      If you’re looking to break down silos and orchestrate seamless customer journeys, just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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