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      Pardot Classic App Is Retiring: Switch to Pardot Lightning Now

      Sep 09, 2022

      4 minute read

      Getting new customers is tough. And maintaining the loyalty of your current customers is even tougher. It’s a battle that businesses fight every day to ensure their clients are happy, their needs are met, and they receive the best possible customer service possible.

      One way to do this is by leveraging an all-in-one marketing automation suite that helps you grow your business using data-driven insights and targeted lead nurturing campaigns to nurture prospects into loyal customers and advocates.

      And if you’re using Pardot as your marketing automation platform, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction.

      However, it’s time to think about an upgrade if you’re still using the Salesforce Pardot Classic app.


      Because the Pardot Lightning app era has begun!

      News Flash: Pardot users would no longer have the access to Pardot Classic app as Salesforce has announced the discontinuation of the app.

      So, let’s all welcome the Pardot Lightning app and learn about the Lightning-only features that can improve your marketing efforts.

      Time to Switch to the Pardot Lightning App

      The use of the Pardot Classic app will be discontinued on October 17, 2022, according to the Winter ’22 Release from Salesforce.

      All hail the Pardot Lightning app!

      Switch to Pardot Lightening App

      Since its debut in 2019, the Pardot Lightning app provides marketers and sales reps with amazing features from a unified dashboard.

      It integrates all of your favorite marketing automation features into a sleek new UI.

      Now that the Classic app will be retired, users only have two ways to access it. They can either enable the Pardot Lightning App in Lightning Experience or connect to their Salesforce accounts’ legacy application at

      While the legacy application on has usability characteristics similar to those of the Classic app, it has login difficulties with availability of fewer options. Also, there are limited chances to upgrade, which makes it unreliable for a growing company.

      Now that we know the future of email marketing, the Pardot Lightning app is here, let’s have a look at how Lightning is better than Classic.

      Benefits of Switching to Lightning From Classic

      Salesforce continues to provide features for Pardot users with each new edition. However, a lot of these amazing new features are exclusive to Pardot Lightning. By switching to Pardot Lightning, you’ll be able to benefit from new product improvements and additions, which are only accessible on the Lightning platform.

      Benefits of Pardot Lightning App

      The exclusive Lightning features listed below can help you market your product/service more effectively.

      Separate the Prospects With Pardot Business Units

      A dream come true feature for Pardot admins! Businesses with multiple products and regions can now run all their Pardot instances under a single Salesforce Org rather than having separate instances. In essence, it’s a way for you to sync multiple marketing databases in a single Salesforce instance.

      Explore Account Records With Engagement History Dashboards

      By including Engagement History Dashboards in a tab in account records, you can now empower your sales and marketing users to explore data. By combining these account dashboards with your campaign record dashboards, you will be able to acquire a better understanding of prospect engagement.

      Build Assets Faster With Drag and Drop Email Builder

      Have you ever wished there was a quick undo option while creating a Pardot email? The new version enables the option to create emails without writing any code. And yes, there is also a “undo” button. Additionally, Pardot Lightning users will be able to edit landing pages using a drag-and-drop interface.

      Reuse Content Blocks in Your Assets With Snippets

      There are some elements of content that are specific to campaigns and must be included on forms, emails, landing pages, and email templates. Snippet makes it possible to create reusable content blocks with Handlebars Merge Language (HML) tags, images or both. Snippets can be shared throughout Business Units, which reduces the time and effort needed to produce a new snippet.

      Get Additional Perspectives With Einstein Behavior Score

      Thanks to Einstein Behavior Scoring, you can now learn which unique marketing asset frequently aids in closing new businesses. These fresh perceptions clarify how a prospect interacted with a resource, such as an email campaign or landing page. These data pieces are combined by Einstein to identify which assets’ engagement actions are most likely to result in opportunities.

      Make the Move: Best Practices to Switch From Pardot Classic to Lightning

      Due to the discontinuation of the Pardot Classic app, additional features won’t be available to you if you don’t migrate. Only users of Lightning have access to the new features.

      Here are the best practices for switching from Pardot Classic app to Lightning app.

      • Before your users learn about Lightning’s advantages and restrictions, try to turn it on for admins only to spot any hidden traps.
      • Make sure to determine whether any AppExchange applications you are using are Lightning-ready.
      • Establish your personas and select beta users to test the application.
      • Make a group where beta users can discuss new developments and ask questions.
      • Before implementing these changes in your live Org, test the new configurations in a beta app and solicit user feedback.
      • Allow users to test Lightning at their own pace by not disabling Classic for a while.

      Summing Up: Let’s Plunge Into the Pardot Lightning

      Pardot Classic app is disappearing soon. So, the time to switch to the Pardot Lightning app is now. Moving to Lightning will not only simplify your marketing procedures but also help you get rid of “” and Pardot Classic’s restrictions.

      Are You Ready to Switch to Pardot Lightning? Talk to Us!

      Or if you’re just starting out, our Pardot experts can take care of your Salesforce Pardot requirements and goals. Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

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