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    Unlock the Full Potential of Slack With Out-of-the-Box Features

    Never Lose Marketo Assets

    Salesforce App for Slack

    Effortlessly search, share, and receive alerts for Salesforce records in Slack, while also seamlessly sending messages to both Salesforce and Slack.

    Incrementally Backup Assets

    Service Cloud App

    Search & manage records across Salesforce, and seamlessly create new cases directly from Slack using our Service Search.

    Track Changes to Assets

    Sales Cloud App

    Create a sales channel, track your sales pipeline, and efficiently search your sales records, hassle-free.

    Streamline Asset Review

    CRM Analytics

    View your most recent analytics and easily search for specific items within your analytics data to maximize team efficiency.

    Connect Your Tools, Unify Your Teams With Custom Slack Integrations


    Improve your team’s workflow by deploying a central chat feature in Slack. Enable swift communication between Sales, Service, Marketing Cloud, and other departments.

    Activity Management

    Simplify Salesforce record searching and management. Quickly search for records and take inline actions, such as editing, sharing, and commenting, all from within Slack.

    Opportunity Management

    Streamline your lead and opportunity management by creating a centralized chat in Slack. Provide an efficient way to manage communication and take actions from within the platform, ultimately closing more deals.

    Centralized Communication

    Efficiently manage community feeds and responses by leveraging centralized channels in Slack. Make it easier to keep track of communications and respond to inquiries promptly.

    From Vision to Reality: Our Project Portfolio

    Never Lose Marketo Assets

    Online Communities

    We optimized public post interaction by syncing the Salesforce community with Slack and vice versa. We modified Slack APIs, removed middleware, and customized the Bot App for real-time updates. The customer witnessed streamlined communication across different platforms and which led to improved CX.

    Incrementally Backup Assets

    Sales Automation

    We created a Slack workflow alert that notified the Account Manager if an opportunity record remains in a stage for over seven days. It includes customizable options and record fields. The Account Manager and rep can collaborate on the record within Slack, all while automating tasks without accessing Salesforce directly.

    Track Changes to Assets

    Service Cloud

    We created a solution that allows for case swarming with Slack by creating a component on the Case Object that shows experts based on previous similar cases. The solution also includes the option to create a Slack channel for experts and share case details among them.

    Streamline Asset Review

    Lead/Opportunity Automation

    We automated daily briefs for sales reps and embed chats with prospect monitoring channels. New leads are posted in a Slack channel, and hot leads are tagged, with sales leaders and executives monitoring prospects. The solution also notifies the agents of opportunity stage changes and significant discounts while enabling MQL updates; sales quote collaboration, and false lead disqualification.

    Got a Use Case on Your Mind?

    Unlock Greater Value: Supercharge Your Tools With Slack Integrations

    Incrementally Backup Assets

    Service Cloud Integration

    Integrate Slack with Salesforce Service Cloud to streamline customer service and enhance team collaboration.

    Incrementally Backup Assets

    Sales Cloud Integration

    Improve sales productivity and enable real-time team collaboration by integrating Slack & Salesforce Sales Cloud.

    Streamline Asset Review

    Seismic Integration

    Empower sales & marketing teams with seamless collaboration with robust Slack and Seismic integration.

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    What Slack services does Grazitti offer?
    Grazitti Interactive's Slack service is a comprehensive solution for organizations that want to optimize their communication and collaboration through the Slack platform. Our Slack experts provide various services, including setup, customization, integration, and support.
    What kind of customization options does Grazitti offer for Slack?
    We offer a range of customization options, and integrations, that can be tailored to fit your organizational needs. Our team can also help develop custom bots and workflows to automate processes and improve productivity.
    How does Grazitti help organizations integrate Slack with other tools and services?
    Our experts are well-versed in Slack integrations and can help you seamlessly integrate Slack with your other tools and services. We can also develop custom integrations that allow for greater automation and efficiency.
    What are the benefits of using Grazitti’s Slack services?
    Our Slack services can help your organization improve communication and collaboration, increase productivity, and streamline workflows. We provide customized solutions tailored to your organizational needs and ongoing support and maintenance.
    How does Grazitti ensure the security and privacy of Slack data?
    We take security and privacy seriously and ensure all data transmitted through Slack is encrypted and secure. We also offer additional security features, such as two-factor authentication and data retention policies, to help organizations maintain control over their data.
    Can Grazitti help organizations migrate from other communication tools to Slack?
    Yes, we can help organizations migrate from other communication tools to Slack. Our experts will work with you to ensure a smooth and seamless transition, including data migration and user training.

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