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    Key Eloqua Services We Offer

    Demand Generation Scale

    Optimize and scale marketing campaigns to ensure demand generation stays ahead of the plan and competition.

    Drip & Nurture Programs

    Design a process to nurture your leads at any stage of the buying cycle with Eloqua lead nurturing.

    Implementation Roadmap

    Get assistance from start to finish in your Eloqua implementation, right from the initial set-up to executing your Eloqua email marketing campaigns.

    Set-up and Migration

    Ensure successful migration from your current marketing automation platform using best practices to utilize everything from workflows to campaigns.

    Email & Landing Page Development

    Create responsive emails and landing pages to improve efficiency and enhance your users’ offline browsing experience with the Eloqua marketing automation tool.

    Lead Scoring Set-up

    Approach the right customer at the right time by automatically qualifying leads based on their demographic and behavioral characteristics via the lead scoring model.

    Third-Party Integrations

    Easily integrate Eloqua with Salesforce and other CRM, CMS, support, and finance systems to generate, nurture, and convert leads.

    Subscription Center

    Set up programs, emails, and segments to leverage subscription management features by designing and developing an extensive subscription center.


    Identify gaps and areas of improvement and get recommendations to uncover quick wins, easy steps to improve, and better reporting capabilities.

    A/B & MVT Testing

    Analyze campaigns, drive conversion rates, and generate customer insights to optimize the online customer experience with testing, personalization, and insights.

    Our Success Stories

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    Seamless Migration
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    Integrating Eloqua and Salesforce for Efficient Marketing Operations

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    Bridge the Gap Between Your Goals and Reality With Eloqua + Grazitti

    Get a Detailed Usage Report and Make the Most of Your Eloqua Instance!

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