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    Robust Visual Analytics

    We provide a fast, easy way to make visual analytics by incorporating data discovery and data visualization

    User-friendly Interface

    We build custom dashboards for you that are customizable and free of any hard-core programming and coding. It’s just the basic MS Excel skills that one needs to access and edit our Tableau dashboards

    Data Source Connections

    We help you connect Tableau to any data source such as Salesforce, Hadoop, R etc. in minutes

    Auto-scheduled BI Reports

    We enable real-time business intelligence reporting and data refresh to keep the BI dashboards up to date

    Interactive Dashboards

    We offer customizable and interactive dashboards providing dynamic results along with inserting images, web pages and documents easily

    Easy Publishing & Allocation

    The results can be shared live with just a few clicks and the Tableau dashboards can be published for sharing live on the web or the mobile devices


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