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    Key Marketo Services We Offer

    Strategy & Roadmap

    Leverage our expertise to build a well-thought strategy and a roadmap for lasting success with your Marketo Implementation.

    Training & Education

    Develop your in-house team capabilities by providing them extensive yet pragmatic marketo training. Choose from virtual or onsite options.

    Implementation & Integrations

    Ensure your Marketo instance is launched with zero interruption and quick road to ROI. Seamlessly integrate it with your eco-system.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Unravel the true impact of marketing by building reports and dashboards ranging from operational to CXO focussed analytics.

    Sales & Marketing Alignment

    Empower your sales and marketing teams with automation possibilities like scoring, lead lifecycle modeling and analytics.

    Demand Generation Scale

    Grow and optimize marketing campaigns to ensure demand generation stays ahead of the plan and competition.

    Marketing Operations

    Build and maintain your marketing operations using our best practices based approach. Scale your extended team as your business requires.

    Marketo Instance Health Improvement

    Maintain the health of your Marketo instance by keeping it free from duplicate records and audited for possible enhancements.

    3rd Party Integrations

    Seamlessly integrate Marketo with third party applications like Informatica, Google Calendar, Uber, WordPress, DoubleClick and lot more.

    Velocity Scripting

    Allows usage of relevant content stored in opportunities and custom objects dynamically inside email for leads nurturing.

    Revenue Cycle Modeling

    Capture your buyer journey from an unknown visitor to a closed won opportunity with Marketo Revenue Cycle Model.

    Account Based Marketing

    Automate and execute your account based marketing programs at a greater scale and with higher efficiency.

    Lead Lifecycle

    Create a comprehensive lead lifecycle to enable reporting and nurturing at different stages of the buying cycle.

    Buyer Journey

    Automate the buyer journey and enable your marketing team to track it without the need for technical expertise.

    Lead Scoring

    Identify leads that are most likely to buy and help your sales team focus on and close them faster.

    Lead Engagement

    Create impeccable multichannel experiences that build relationships and speed up the buying process.

    Email Marketing

    Deliver compelling messages relevant to your audience and measure the ROI of your email campaigns.

    Marketing Automation Migration

    Seamlessly migrate all of your marketing automation data including campaigns, email templates, landing pages to/from Marketo.

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    Configuring Multi-Touch Attribution Model in Marketo

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    Setup and Implementation Setup
    • Marketo account with website servers
    • Marketing campaigns migration from old platform
    • Marketo solutions as per your requirements
    • Data fields for managing custom data
    • Creating effective marketing and reporting processes
    • Lead capture forms integration with the main site
    Integration Integration
    • CRMs including Salesforce, MS Dynamics and others
    • CMS solutions like WordPress and Drupal
    • Email marketing services (Mailchimp, Mailup, AWeber)
    • Video platforms (Vimeo, Looplogic, Youtube)
    • Salesforce TSO/TMO Objects
    • Webinar platforms like GoToWebinar
    Development Development
    • User details and assets customization
    • List Import Process Optimization
    • Social Sign-in Implementation
    • Responsive Resource Centre in Marketo
    • Dynamic content for email and landing pages
    • Webhooks, SOAP API, REST API and JavaScript implementation
    Design Design
    • Responsive landing pages and email templates
    • Easy to edit and customize multi-column design templates
    • Responsive custom form styling
    • Tailor-made webinar videos and content assets
    • Engaging online ad campaigns
    • A/B Testing and design optimization
    Lead Management Lead-Management
    • Lead information mapping
    • Lead fields, rules and, profiles configuration
    • Lead funnel stages
    • Lead velocity tracking
    • Auto assignment process in your CRM system
    • Data audit, append, cleansing and enrichment needs
    Lead Engagement Lead-engagement
    • User engagement engine and workflows
    • Programs with smart lists, rules, and triggers
    • Lead lifecycle and accelerator campaigns
    • Progressive profiling and multivariate testing
    • Email Preference Center
    • GDPR Compliance Implementation
    Lead Nurturing Lead-Nurturing
    • Behavioral and demographic lead scoring
    • Sales insights and alerts
    • Lead recycling campaigns
    • Implement demand waterfall and RCM
    • Lead nurturing campaigns
    • Lead Routing & Qualification
    Reporting & Metrics Reporting
    • Custom campaign and program specific reports
    • Reports, notifications, and subscriptions management
    • Best Practices based dashboards
    • Auditing and ROI calculation models
    • Revenue cycle analytics (RCA)
    • CMO & Operational Dashboards
    Advanced Activities Advance-Activities
    • Dynamic content for all marketing assets
    • Resource centre in Marketo
    • Marketo engagement streams
    • Advanced JavaScript and JQuery customization
    • Custom web API integration & form building
    • Multi-channel marketing operations