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    Jira the Modern Tool for Agile Teams

    With multi-channel digital experiences increasingly in demand, more businesses aim to
    use a technology tool that simplifies business processes and brings agility across teams.

    Whether you’re looking to improve project/issue tracking, improve your IT service
    desk/customer service performance, or how your business is managed, there’s no place
    better than Jira to do all this.

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    Our Key Services to Maximize Your Atlassian Jira Investment

    Our full-stack Atlassian Jira services can enable you to make the most out of your Atlassian applications, improve time-to-market,
    and accelerate growth.

    Consulting & Strategy Services

    Enable organizations to adopt and leverage the Atlassian suite of products as per your enterprise’s development needs. We get your processes, people, and tools in harmony, so you can achieve the desired results.


    Achieve faster time-to-value with our outcome-focused implementation services to get Jira products installed and/or connected quickly, securely, and within budget.


    Get the most out of your Atlassian tools. Our Jira experts configure your instances to optimize the way you work. We can ensure a well-configured instance based on Atlassian best practices for workflows, schemes, notifications, reporting, and security.


    Integrate Atlassian products into your existing MarTech stack. We can build a collaborative platform and have all your Atlassian tools well-integrated, even with other 3rd party systems.


    Occasionally, Jira’s built-in features and apps may not be enough, especially when it comes to integration tasks. Our development aces can help you fill any gaps with custom apps.


    Simplify transition to Atlassian products from other tools without losing data and with minimum downtime. Seamlessly move across Serve, Cloud products, or consolidate multiple instances. Our Jira expertise and experience ensure speed and accuracy throughout the migration process.


    We provide fast comprehensive support services for error management, knowledge, guidance, and more, with an SLA that is customized to your business needs.

    The Jira Applications We Support

    Our Customer Success Stories

    Integrating Custom Salesforce Object and Jira On Sinergify for a Data Management Company
    Integrating Custom Salesforce Object and Jira On Sinergify for a Data Management Company
    Setting Up and Automating an Effective Jira Management Process
    Setting Up and Automating an Effective Jira Management Process

    Why Choose Us?

    No matter where you are in your Atlassian Jira journey, Grazitti’s Jira experts can equip you to ace your organizational goals with
    robust Jira management strategies.

    What you’ll get:

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    With us, you can experience:


    Improve Business
    Ops Agility

    Greater Tool

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