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      Power Your Way to Better Project Management With Jira Automation

      Aug 31, 2022

      3 minute read

      “Technology, through automation and artificial intelligence, is definitely one of the most disruptive sources.” – Alain Dehaze.

      73% of IT leaders have reportedly saved between 10-50% of their time as a result of automated processes, and 51% of automation initiatives have brought about improvements in efficiency[1].

      The statistics support the need for businesses to automate their processes.

      Ideally, with workflow automation, you can:

      • Manage and complete tasks more efficiently
      • Reduce chances of errors in processing
      • Streamline the approval process
      • Simplify workflows and optimize scalability

      The benefits automation guarantees have led many businesses to invest in workflow automation. Owing to this, its market is growing at 20% per year and is expected to reach $5 billion USD by 2024[2].

      When we think of workflow automation, Jira is bound to top the charts. It is one of the most popular workflow management tools and offers features that entitle users to automate tasks and project updates to drive efficiency from routine tasks.

      It offers its users the ability to automate the process without the need for any prior coding knowledge.

      In this blog post, you will get a comprehensive understanding of Jira Automation and how it can enhance the efficiency of your project management initiatives.

      Leveraging ‘Jira’ for Workflow Automation

      When compared with other agile project management solutions for IT teams and developers, Jira stands head and shoulders above the rest.

      Originally designed as a bug and issue tracker by Atlassian, Jira has evolved into a powerful work management tool that supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL as backend databases.

      Every team can benefit from Jira, as its powerful features help teams to maximize their efficiency. However, you can take this efficiency to the next level by automating Jira processes with Jira Automation.

      What is Jira Automation?

      Jira Automation is a “no-code” feature, which means that anyone can create automation rules regardless of their technical or coding expertise.

      Jira Automation allows you to:

      • Close the parent task automatically if the subtask has been completed.
      • Ensure that all tasks from a board are assigned to a specific team member.
      • Create a Jira issue by importing customer issues from other Jira apps and assigning it to a team member.
      • Update stakeholders on the status of tasks on a regular basis.

      Jira’s automation capabilities make it possible for users to streamline routine activities, minimize human dependency, and automate their workflow completely.

      What Can You Achieve With Jira Automation?


      When Jira workflows are automated, you can streamline processes across departments and ensure error-free workflow updates for each sprint. The benefits are numerous:

      Enhanced Collaboration

      To achieve a successful project outcome, it is important to ensure that everyone in your team is on the same page.

      With Jira, you can easily access the project documentation and keep track of the progress of the project.

      By automating the Jira process, you can foster better collaboration by:

      • Automatically distributing the workload to the development team.
      • Auto-assigning issues and ensuring a workload balance between all team members.
      • Importing customer issues from other Jira apps, creating an issue in Jira, and assigning it to a team member.

      Improved Productivity

      The manual labor process consumes a great deal of time and makes human error an inevitable possibility.

      With an automated Jira process, you can perform recurring tasks automatically (such as creating recurring issues) and on a scheduled basis to improve accuracy and team productivity.

      Improved Workflow

      With Jira automated processes, you can:

      • Auto-assign idle issues to your team members for better workflow management.
      • Sync parent issues and sub-tasks to ensure related issues are organized.
      • Automatically schedule tasks for consistency and reliability in your workflow.

      Jira Automation works with all Jira Cloud products, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

      Additionally, with its automated workflow tracking, you can improve the efficiency of your workflows by eliminating the need for manual approvals.

      To understand how setting up and automating an effective Jira management process benefits your business objections, check out a detailed account of how we made it happen for one of our customers.

      The Bottom Line

      Automating Jira processes helps your teams focus on what matters, removing the need to perform manual, repetitive tasks. Furthermore, automating Jira is the best way to utilize Jira to its full potential and empower your workflow management initiatives.

      Want to Automate Jira Processes and Customize Jira to Suit Your Project’s Needs? Talk to Us!

      Our Jira automation experts will help you implement and take advantage of automated Jira processes. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will take it from there.

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