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      Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Why is Microsoft Dynamics 365 a good CRM tool to invest in?

      Apr 23, 2019

      3 minute read

      Many CRM tools provide standard functionalities like the quintessential sales and marketing tools, however, there are some that offer much more than that.

      For any company, choosing a CRM platform depends on a variety of factors, ranging from budget to the operations that have to be carried out on the platform. Microsoft Dynamics, a cloud-based CRM tool, caters to most requirements quite well.

      With Dynamics 365, Microsoft revamped its business cloud applications by bringing a variety of functions including marketing, sales, and customer support under one roof. Microsoft offers two editions of Dynamics 365—the Business edition and the Enterprise edition. Each edition has its own set of purpose-built applications.

      Ms Dynamics 365

      Why is Microsoft Dynamics 365 special?

      1. Saves on cost:

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 is notable for being cost-effective while offering similar services like Salesforce. However, Microsoft Dynamics costs approximately 35% less than Salesforce. Even more notably, the CRM offers four modules within that price for its full bundle that includes—Sales, Field Services, Project Services, and Customer Services.

      Additionally, Microsoft offers flexibility to its customers to buy specific modules and then expand to other add-ons according to their business demands.

      For every Microsoft Dynamics 365 plan that you purchase, you get:

      • Phone and Web support
      • Security
      • 99.5% Uptime, and
      • Office 365 Integration

      For any company that is looking for an efficient CRM tool that won’t be a setback to their budget, Microsoft Dynamics 365 stands as a pretty good option.

      2. Integrates seamlessly with Native Microsoft applications:

      Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with native Microsoft applications is hassle-free. It can also be easily integrated with Office 365, Outlook, and Sharepoint.

      Microsoft’s VP for cloud and enterprise, Takeshi Numoto illustrates this feature as follows:

      “For example, a salesperson receives an email and can respond directly in Office with a quote that is created based on information from both finance and sales apps, stored back to the right app, with right pricing, discounting, etc. All without the user having to leave Outlook.”

      Users will also be able to access Azure Integration Services for data and applications integration as well as Microsoft’s Power BI for predictive analysis and insights for users to help foster opportunities such as up-sell or cross-sell, etc.

      3. Provides a 360-degree view of the customer:

      Microsoft Dynamics can help you attain and aggregate comprehensive information about your customers. This encompasses information regarding sales history, any opportunities, quotes, billings, payments, credit information, etc.

      The 360-degree view of your customer will help your reps understand their complete relationship and history with the company. This will help them in being more proactive while looking for engagement opportunities and pitching them to the customer. Any blind spots in the information are likely to throw them off their game.

      4. Gives you full control over your data:

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 works on the cloud and can be hosted on-premise as well. Users have the choice of subscribing to either. With the on-premise module, the customer has the advantage of owning their data completely. On-premise CRM is deployed by companies to handle sensitive information and have complete autonomy over their CRM; a good way to secure themselves against data theft.

      With these features, Microsoft has tried to differentiate themselves from their competitors. If a company is seeking to bring innovation in their enterprise and business solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is definitely the tool for them.

      Do you think that Dynamics 365 is the CRM tool that you were looking for?

      To know more about our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services, drop us a line at [email protected].

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