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      Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: Build Stronger Customer Relationships in Businesses

      Jul 31, 2023

      6 minute read

      Boosting sales in an organization comes with a whole lot of challenges and responsibilities.

      – How to cope with the latest trends?
      – How to benefit from historic data?
      – How to cater to unique customer needs?
      – How to save time by automating repetitive and mundane tasks?

      These are some key questions that businesses have to consider before they embark on the journey to convert leads and build customer relationships.

      Not just this, businesses need to keep track of customer accounts/contacts, nurture sales for leads to order, create sales collateral, and enable much more to achieve sales targets.

      This is where Microsoft’s powerful tool – Dynamics 365 Sales – comes into play.

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enables businesses to manage their leads, opportunities, and customers in a single space. It also offers a range of capabilities, including lead management, opportunity tracking, customer relationship management, and sales forecasting.

      Let’s deep dive into the concept of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and take a closer look at its capabilities and benefits, with a few use cases to back its performance.

      But first, let’s skim through Dynamics 365 Sales’ offerings.

      Dynamics 365 Sales Offerings That Fit Every Line of Business

      Dynamics 365 Sales offerings cater to unique business needs and provide various sales and customer relationship management capabilities. You can choose the most suitable Dynamics 365 solution based on your requirements and desired level of functionality. The list includes:

      1. Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise: With this solution, you can automate the sales process from lead to cash, run marketing campaigns, and facilitate effective collaboration with customers. Not just this, it provides comprehensive features to streamline sales operations and enhance productivity.

      2. Dynamics 365 Sales Premium: It combines Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise capabilities with AI-driven features for analyzing customer interaction data. It’ll help you build strong customer relationships and close opportunities faster by understanding business relationships, evaluating activities, and making informed decisions.

      3. Microsoft Relationship Sales: With this solution in the corner, you can combine LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise or Sales Premium. This enables personalized interactions with customers, syncs activities between Sales and Sales Navigator, and offers enhanced capabilities for building customer relationships.

      4. Dynamics 365 Sales Professional: Similar to the Sales Hub app, this solution provides a subset of the entities included in Sales Enterprise. It also provides essential sales functionalities and helps sales teams manage customer relationships and sales processes effectively.

      5. Viva Sales: By leveraging customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and AI capabilities, Viva Sales provides sales intelligence to empower your business with deep customer insights for faster deal closure. It also aims to lighten workloads, save time, and increase sales.

      Witness Better ROI With Dynamics 365 Sales Capabilities

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: Build Stronger Customer Relationships in Businesses

      1. Meet Buyers Where They Are: Dynamics 365 enables you to interact with your customers at the right time and in the right place. Using it, you can expand your customer base by:

      • Providing a unified workspace that empowers you to engage the right customer and maximize productivity, ultimately shortening the sales cycle.
      • Staying focused by delivering clear and achievable sales activities, leveraging AI, and predictive scoring.
      • Connecting across channels and streamlining selling through integrated multichannel communications.
      • Facilitating virtual meetings and collaboration by offering an enterprise collaboration hub that brings your colleagues, customers, and contextual customer data together.
      • Gathering and acting on customer feedback by incorporating survey insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

      2. Build Relationships: Dynamics 365 Sales facilitates you to build customer relationships through information from LinkedIn or relationship analytics. Leveraging it, you can improve customer satisfaction by:

      • Providing a unified experience where you can access contextual LinkedIn profiles and insights directly within an account, contact, lead, or opportunity records, enhancing your understanding of customers and prospects.
      • Offering recommended leads and identifying mutual connections for warm introductions, helping you find new buyers effectively.
      • Providing a unified experience to track buyer information and visualize contact relationships with interactive org charts.
      • Identifying customers requiring attention by tracking relationship health and risks through signals from Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.

      3. Collaborate Seamlessly: Dynamics 365 Sales empowers you to collaborate with customers by analyzing optimal data and communicating its insights seamlessly using Microsoft Teams. Here, the capabilities cover:

      • Accessing customer data and insights in Microsoft Teams, enabling your sales teams to collaborate effectively and gain data visibility for informed decision-making.
      • Enabling real-time collaboration within your sales team with embedded Microsoft Teams chats and facilitating contextual communication for enhanced productivity.

      4. Boost Seller Productivity: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales enables you to boost productivity by capturing tasks and integrating sales processes. You can ace it all by:

      • Minimizing routine tasks to provide automated suggestions for creating new records like contacts, meetings, and tasks.
      • Automating sales and marketing processes to provide a common platform for the teams to connect, optimize efficiencies, improve marketing ROI, and streamline lead handoff.
      • Enabling seamless work by surfacing contextual sales data within everyday apps like Outlook, minimizing the need for app switching.
      • Providing a common workspace for managing the sales pipeline, offering an intuitive and personalized view of deals.

      5. Keep Selling on the Go: Dynamics 365 Sales enables you to procure information on day-to-day tasks and keep track of your current deals even while using its iOS or Android mobile application. Here, the capabilities include:

      • Helping users juggle tasks effortlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales’ mobile-first interface and staying on top of tasks with features like push notifications, robust search capabilities, and mobile-optimized forms.
      • Analyzing scheduled meetings, recent contacts, and real-time notifications to improve customer engagement and assign daily priorities.
      • Preparing for meetings by viewing critical meeting details, attendee information, and AI-generated reminders.
      • Skipping manual data entry by capturing notes using voice-to-text, or the camera in your smartphone or by enabling automatic association with related tasks.

      6. Adapt to Rapid Changes: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales facilitates you to derive advanced information about revenue projections, performance, and daily actions to plan better. With it, you can adapt to evolving changes by:

      • Streamlining forecasts by providing a flexible solution that offers visibility and control over revenue, enabling businesses to identify risks and opportunities for better decision-making.
      • Increasing forecast accuracy by leveraging built-in AI capabilities, augmenting seller-submitted forecasts, and providing insights into deal flows and trends.
      • Providing real-time visibility into sales performance through interactive dashboards and reports.
      • Tailoring processes on the basis of best practices by designing activity sequences w.r.t leads in the seller’s work queue.
      • Adapting AI to your unique business needs by utilizing a powerful, flexible, and no-code tool.
      • Creating custom applications by leveraging Microsoft Power Platforms such as Power Apps and Power Automate.

      7. Integrations: You can integrate your existing sales applications with Dynamics 365 sales to improve your team’s efficiency and customer collaboration. These applications could be LinkedIn Sales Navigator solution, Microsoft Teams, ZoomInfo app, sample softphone, and many more.

      Elevating Digital Selling With Dynamics 35 Sales

      By incorporating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales into your business you can streamline data import/export, provide powerful data insights, integrate existing apps, and track customer interactions. Additionally, you can enable real-time sales dashboards, automate lead management, ensure flexibility & adaptability, optimize sales processes, and support business scalability. These advantages will ultimately enhance your business productivity, customer satisfaction, and sales effectiveness, driving growth and success.

      Here’s How Leading Companies Increased Their Sales With Dynamics 365

      1. Vanguard: Vanguard is a global investment management company with over $7.1 trillion in assets under management. They used Dynamics 365 Sales to improve their sales productivity and customer engagement. Using it, they were able to increase sales by 15% and improve the customer satisfaction score by 5% approximately.

      2. Selective Insurance: Selective Insurance is a leading provider of commercial insurance in the United States. They used Dynamics 365 Sales to improve their sales pipeline visibility and forecasting accuracy. Leveraging it, they were able to increase sales by 10% and improve customer retention rate by 2% approximately.

      3. Saia: Saia is a leading transportation and logistics company in the United States. They used Dynamics 365 Sales to improve their sales team’s productivity and collaboration. By integrating it, they were able to increase sales by 5% and reduce the sales cycle by 10% approximately.

      4. HSBC: HSBC is a global banking and financial services organization. They used Dynamics 365 Sales to improve their sales productivity and shorten their sales cycle. Consequently, they were able to roughly increase their win rate by 15% and close deals 10% faster.

      The adoption of Dynamics 365 Sales might seem challenging. But when done with precision and planning, it enables your sales team to improve their efficiency and relevance.

      Ready to Witness 2X Lead Conversion With Dynamics 365 Sales? Let’s Talk!

      At Grazitti, our Microsoft service wizards possess the powers to AI-enable your business operations. Learn what more Dynamics 365 Copilot can do for your business success, here.

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