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      Alteryx Connectors

      Supercharging Omni-Channel Analytics with Connectors for Alteryx

      Jan 16, 2018

      < 1 minute read

      With a wide range of channels across which your users engage with your brand, it’s imperative to have a 360° view of the customer’s journey. For effective decision making, you need to gain insights from all these channels.

      This is where connectors for Alteryx come in.

      But with the stratospheric growth of the marketing tech landscape, you need connect Alteryx with more data sources.

      Flip through the slides below to see why connectors are essential for building scalable omni-channel analytics:

      Learn How To Build Scalable Omni-Channel Analytics | Free Webinar

      Register for our webinar—Driving Omni-Channel Analytics with Alteryx—and hear Chiara Pensato from Alteryx and Sandeep Saini from Grazitti to learn how you can build and scale your marketing analytics.

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