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      Alteryx Connectors

      More Alteryx Connectors – Expand your Data Reach!

      Sep 18, 2017

      3 minute read

      At Inspire Las Vegas 2017, we launched more than two dozen custom connectors for Alteryx. The response from analysts around the world was fantastic, with folks asking for more platforms that could be connected.

      At Inspire Europe — which is another amazing event — we introduced more custom Alteryx connectors. Alteryx ConnectorsIn this blogpost, we’ll talk about:

      • How Grazitti’s Alteryx connectors are an add-on to the existing out-of-the-box connectors from Alteryx,
      • The benefits that our connectors offer,
      • And, how these connectors can be customized as per customer needs (a use case).

      Want to Know More About Our Alteryx Connectors? Find Out HERE

      How Grazitti’s Alteryx Connectors are an Add-on?

      Alteryx has been a leading provider of self-service analytics solutions. With simple drag and drop tools to blend, prepare, and process data, it has been an all-time favorite of analysts across business verticals.

      Helping users retrieve or push data to the cloud, it also offers some out-of-the-box connectors for various platforms including social media, CRM, and digital marketing.

      However, with the expansion of platforms, these connectors fail to solve end-users’ data connectivity needs. For instance, Alteryx does not provide connectors to download data from many popular platforms such as Facebook, DoubleClick, Amazon Marketplace, BigCommerce, Azure, MSFT Dynamics and more.

      Further in some cases the analyst wants to fetch more data types than available from out-of-the-box connectors in Alteryx, e.g. their Twitter connector. Grazitti’s connector lets users fetch individual tweets, that can be very powerful. This capability is missing in out-of-the-box Alteryx connectors.

      Solving this requirement of users, Grazitti, as an Alteryx partner has come up with a large set of connectors providing data extraction solutions across multiple platforms.

      Let’s take a look at some of the benefits our connectors offer:

      Platform Integration

      Grazitti’s connectors are capable of integrating with a wide range of platforms supplementing the connectors offered by Alteryx. They allow you to download data from platforms in social media, social marketing, online advertising, project management, and more.

      Automation Advantage

      With Grazitti’s connectors, you no longer need to make manual entries in order to fetch data. Our connectors automate the data fetch, taking care of all your requirements.
      Additionally, these connectors are native to what Alteryx offers and are built on the same platform. This helps you to access data hassle-free.

      Complete Customization

      Grazitti’s connectors can be customized with varied objects, data fields, and other metrics as per your requirements. You can request to modify or upgrade them based on your business needs.
      Our development team stays in touch with our customers to get the best understanding of their requirements and helps them get the desired data outcome. Further we guarantee these connectors will be updated in case the underlying system makes any modification.

      Robust Quality

      The connectors are built on a robust and secure infrastructure providing end-to-end data protection. The ability to connect with different web platforms not only makes them flexible but also offers a centralized solution for data extraction. We keep a track of changes in these platforms to provide you updated versions of the connectors.

      Analytical Capabilities

      We have a skilled team of business analysts that test these connectors based on various use cases to ensure that data access and the available fields meet your needs. Data sets are tested to ascertain the data gets downloaded in usable formats.

      Easy Installation

      Grazitti’s connectors come with a user guide describing the step-by-step process of installation. The guide also includes detailed information in relation to login credentials configuration for different platforms.

      Low cost

      Our connectors are offered in various models — SaaS model based on the number of licences you might need or connector built specifically for your need with a low one-time fee of few thousand dollars as compared to some competitors who charge tens of thousands of dollars for similar connectors.


      We have built connectors in days rather than weeks or months. Please let us know what is important for your business and we will prioritize it right away.

      Regular Support

      Our support team assists customers at every phase of the installation and operation process. Be it a live demo or connector enhancement, we provide complete support in relation to installation issues, credentials’ configuration, and data set download.

      Let’s take a look at a use case:

      How our Connectors can be Customized as per your Needs

      If a user wanted to build a report from the Aster Database, they would have to fetch all the underlying millions of rows for that.
      With Grazitti’s Aster connector, a user can just specify the query in the SQL form and get the summarized data from the connector. Thus, enabling an analyst to focus on what’s important — data analysis.

      Want to know more about our Alteryx Based Analytics Solutions?

      At Grazitti Interactive, we have a team of dedicated data scientists that help businesses with advanced analytics leveraging Alteryx. Our analytics solutions include sales analytics, BI reporting and consulting, enterprise data management, and data visualization. For more detailed information about our services, please reach out at [email protected].

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