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    Identity Resolution

    We help you with identity resolution search within a single database or across multiple languages and sources despite any random or intentional variations in the data. We help you discover valuable connections among people, products, or accounts that might otherwise be hidden

    Data Warehouse

    We help IT departments to implement the departmental data warehouses & data marts and readily scale them up to the data warehousing environments. This solution hastens the data warehousing project deployment, minimizes risks and reduces costs

    Data Synchronization

    We enable data synchronization across all operational and transactional systems – helping you reuse the same business logic across data synchronization modes for high performance, greater consistency, and lower costs

    Data Quality

    We enable your organization to trust all of its data—for all projects, stakeholders, and applications—at all times. We offer consistent data quality, turning enterprise data into trusted data

    Data Migration

    We streamline and automate the data migration processes with a combination of methodology, technology and services – helping you migrate data easier, with fewer risks, and at lower costs

    Data Governance

    We make sure that the enterprise data is the trusted data that can be used to increase revenues, cut operational costs and reduce risk, thus providing the highest level of customer satisfaction


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