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What is Cartiveo?
Cartiveo - A Shopify Marketo Integration Connector lets you bring important information into/from Marketo to sync your customer data, and boost ROI from marketing campaigns, and for better personalization.
Why should I choose Grazitti’s Cartiveo?
Our Cartiveo - A Shopify-Marketo Integration Connector helps improve your user experience with progressive profiling that allows you to sign up faster and accumulate relevant information about a prospect. It also enables you to sync customer and order data in real-time or in bulk, which reduces cart abandonment rate and eventually increases conversion.
How do I install Cartiveo?
Cartiveo - A Shopify Marketo Integration Connector is a one click installation process. Grazitti’s experts can help you throughout the process.
Where can I see my data in Marketo?
Your Shopify customers will get converted into a lead in Marketo and the order and abandoned cart data will sync in a custom object in Marketo.
Can I get professional help to implement the connector on my website?
You can always request our support team for help in implementing and using the connector on your website. However, the setup cost is additional from the annual charges.
How do I get professional help If I face a problem with Cartiveo at a later stage?
We offer dedicated support to our Cartiveo users. If you need help, contact us at [email protected] and you will get an answer within 24 hours!
Can I configure Cartiveo myself?
Yes absolutely, Grazitti’s Cartiveo - A Shopify Marketo Connector is easy to configure on your own. You may also refer to our ‘How to Configure’ document to know about it in detail.
How long does it take to configure the connector?
It takes approximately 15-30 minutes to configure the connector completely.
Does the Cartiveo – A Shopify Marketo Integration Connector work on Shopify, Shopify Plus?
Yes, the connector is available for both the versions–Shopify and Shopify Plus.
How does the data get synced between Marketo and Shopify?
Cartiveo uses Marketo REST API to sync the data from Shopify to Marketo.
Do you provide customizations, if required?
Yes absolutely, Cartiveo is completely customizable and can be altered according to your use cases.
What will be the user limit for a single instance?
Cartiveo - A Shopify Marketo Integration Connector has no limitations.
I’m currently using Grazitti’s Cartiveo – A Shopify Marketo Integration Connector, whom should I contact for account questions and support?
You can always reach out to our product team at [email protected]. The experts will come back with a solution within 24 hours.

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