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    To improvise its traditional website elements, a tax firm based in the States was keen on implementing robust functionalities such as Adobe tagging and testing production environments. The customer wanted to elevate their productivity with the help of Adobe-certified professionals at Grazitti Interactive. Therefore, our team did a 360-degree review of the customer’s requirements, enabling them to deploy Adobe Launch and Target for personalized content delivery.


    The Customer

    The customer is a leading US-based tax firm offering consumer tax preparation services globally. They have a network of professional tax preparers who offer tax preparation services through company-owned and franchise retail tax offices. They also provide tax software packages for do-it-yourself (DIY) consumers. Additionally, the customer offers online courses designed to educate users about the process of filing taxes.

    The Context

    Owing to the dynamic nature of the tax industry, the customer had to regularly update their website with new modules and tax preparation sections. They wanted to eliminate outdated elements, enhance their webpages, and precisely track user journeys. The customer wanted an implementation like Adobe tagging that could help them streamline documentation processes and facilitate an accurate upload of older tax documents in certain sections.


    The Objective

    The customer was keen on implementing Adobe solutions for their website, primarily Adobe tagging. With this implementation, they wanted to achieve a streamlined documentation and user journey tracking process. The customer was looking to incorporate the elements specific to Adobe tagging such as button clicks, form submissions, and page sections. They wanted to test this implementation on staging and production environments to ensure that it is working seamlessly.

    The Solution

    The Impact


    Improvement in

    Documentation Processes


    User Journey

    Tracking Streamlined


    Enhancement in Personalized

    User Experiences


    The collaborative effort by the customer and Grazitti experts led to the successful implementation of Adobe tagging. The customer was able to eliminate documentation challenges, enable comprehensive user journey tracking, and facilitate personalized user experiences through Adobe Target.

    The subsequent integration of Adobe Launch elevated the web analytics infrastructure and provided a robust toolset to execute optimization and make informed decisions. The customer significantly improved their documentation processes and achieved accurate results. Moreover, the Adobe Target integration enabled the user to streamline user journey tracking and enhance personalized user experiences.


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