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    Executive Summary

    Data has always been the driving force for marketers. But with the onset of the pandemic, the digital narrative has witnessed a dramatic change in customer behavior and preferences. It is now difficult for marketers to imagine a world without marketing analytics to understand customer behavior, track their digital footprint, and use the tools and technologies required to bring maximum results.

    On that note, we’re delighted to bring to you our six-part podcast series to uncover some interesting insights on how being analytics-ready is essential for the future.


    Our Speaker


    David Edelman

    Executive Advisor, Digital and Marketing Transformation

    David is a global executive advisor for digital and marketing transformation, a member of Grazitti’s advisory board, and has formerly served as CMO at Aetna. With over 30 years of experience as a Chief Marketing Officer, David has helped several consultancy businesses with product and digital marketing transformation. He works as an advisor to top executives at start-up, mid-sized, and enterprise-level organizations, driving large-scale change from both client and client-services sides. He holds immense expertise in Digital Marketing and Technology, Marketing Strategy, Organization & Capabilities, Branding, Customer Experience, and Technology Investment.


    Shayla Wentz

    Marketing Automation Manager, Grazitti Interactive

    With decades of experience in the industrial automation space, Shayla is a skilled Marketing Communications Manager with a demonstrated history of translating complex business challenges and strategies into innovative solutions. Adept in the development and execution of international and multi-segment communications plans and programs for both short and long term, she ensures that the company’s products and services stand out amongst the rest. Her impeccable skills in Sales, Analytics, Marketing Automation,, and Business-to-Business (B2B) make her a seasoned marketing professional.

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