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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Dupe Manager carry out data deduplication?
    There are three ways in which you can carry out data deduplication in Dupe Manager:
    • Once you’ve saved a record, Dupe Manager will suggest data based on rules that you’ve defined. You can then merge upto 3 records.
    • With manual merge, you can select an object and child records which you want to merge. You can then get records based on filters and use the input to merge up to 3 records.
    • By scheduling a merge, you can define rules and processes. You can then carry out deduplication by running a job on a daily basis in order to find duplicates.
    How do I work with the results of Dupe Manager?
    With Dupe Manager, you can either perform a manual merge, schedule a merge, or create rules. You can merge upto 3 records with a manual merge, and by creating rules. In addition to this, you can select the master record, as well as data that is to be merged into master records. Once this process is complete, you’ll be left with 1 winning record, while the others will be moved to the recycle bin in Dupe Manager. You can recover records for upto 30 days, after which they are deleted permanently.
    How do I use data from another Salesforce Org?
    Dupe Manager supports merging data that is present in your system. You need to migrate data in order to manage duplicates.
    How does Grazitti’s Dupe Manager affect backup and restore performance?
    The ‘Recover Records’ tab in Dupe Manager enables you to find and restore deleted duplicates.
    Is Grazitti’s Dupe Manager effective?
    Yes. Grazitti’s Dupe Manager merges duplicate records according to the rules and filter criteria that you define.
    What happens if the merge fails during deduplication?
    If the merge fails, data gets rolled back into its original format.
    How do I disable deduplication?
    Disable deduplication when using auto-detection or scheduling a data merge.
    How do I deduplicate existing data that is backed-up and non-deduplicated?
    With manual merge, you can carry out deduplication of non-deduplicated data. Select the object and child records that you want to merge. You can then get records based on custom filter logic and use input to merge up to 3 records.
    What is the preferred approach to deduplication: software or hardware-based?
    The software-based approach is preferred when deduplicating data. Dupe Manager is software-based. You don’t need expensive hardware to support it. You can install Dupe Manager in your Salesforce Org with a managed package and start using it. You can also install the package in Sandbox.
    What type of files do I need to store?
    As Dupe Manager is a Salesforce-native product, you don’t need tools such as Java Virtual Machine to run it. Simply install and run Dupe Manager from the tab in Salesforce.
    Does Dupe Manager share my data with anyone?
    No, Dupe Manager does not store or share your data. It is a tool that sits in your Salesforce Org, uses data from Salesforce objects, and maintains backup in Salesforce custom objects and files. These are accessible only to users who have access to a Salesforce instance.
    How do I bypass duplicates in Salesforce?
    As Dupe Manager suggests duplicates based on defined rules, you can bypass them by not merging records. Therefore, it does not restrict you from creating duplicates, but enables you to manage them.
    How do I manage duplicates in Salesforce?
    You can filter duplicate records in Salesforce based on criteria that you’ve defined and merge the unwanted ones into a master record, making the master record the source of truth, using Dupe Manager.
    How does Dupe Manager work?
    Dupe Manager is a tool you can install in your Salesforce Org. You can set up rules and processes on the basis of which, the dedupe process will work. Dupe Manager will provide suggestions based on these rules, enabling you to take appropriate action.
    How does space reclamation work for deduplicated data?
    Dupe manager has a backup tab that enables you to merge deleted duplicates. Delete backup records manually or enable auto-delete in order to delete them after 30 days.
    Does Dupe Manager encrypt my data?
    No, Dupe Manager does not encrypt or manipulate your data. It simply searches data based on your input and finds duplicates based on rules that you’ve defined. Your data will always be true and accurate in Dupe Manager.