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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Email-to-Case & Web-to-Case in Salesforce?
    Email-to-Case is an out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality that automatically creates cases and auto-populates case fields when customers send messages to a specified support email address. Web-to-Case allows organizations to generate a web form which they can add to their website using which their customers can create cases and those cases will be logged in Salesforce.
    What is Case Thread ID in Salesforce?
    The Case Thread ID is a unique number that identifies the organization and case associated with the outgoing email. It helps ensure that replies to the original email are associated with the correct case. Salesforce, however, is going to depreciate this functionality and start using Message ID instead Read more here:
    How does email to case work in Salesforce?
    How to create a Case with a Subject line?
    Emails sent to the specified service email address will automatically copy email subject to case subject field and email body to case description section.
    How to enable On-Demand Email-to-Case?
    On-demand Email-to-Case uses Apex Email services. You simply need to enable it, specify the support email address, and set up forwarding in your email system.
    What are Requeue Messages?
    Requeue message - The email service queues the message for processing in the next 24 hours. If the message is not processed within 24 hours, the email service returns the message to the sender with a notification that explains why the message was rejected.
    How to automatically identify a duplicate case and close it?
    Based on the email subject, requester, and time of creation, the ‘Find Duplicate’ button can be used to identify duplicate cases.
    Is there a size limit for attachments using Email-to-Case?
    Yes, 25 MB is the maximum File size that can be attached.
    What is the maximum number of web cases we can capture using the Web-to-Case widget in Salesforce?
    5000 is the number of web cases that one can capture to the max.
    How to prevent Email-to-Case from creating multiple cases on the same email thread?
    It is already prevented in Salesforce by default. Refer to this link for details -
    Who owns new web-generated cases?
    While configuring, you can create an active case assignment rule to determine how web-generated cases are assigned to users or put into queues. Refer to this link for details:
    How do I specify which information to capture?
    Your Salesforce admin selects the list of fields to specify capturing of information. Read more about the Web-to-Case here:
    Can I capture cases from multiple web pages?
    Yes, you can.
    How is the ‘Age’ calculated in case reports?
    Refer to this article to learn how you can configure reports to calculate case age.
    How can a user manually share records with other users?
    Refer to this article for details on how you can manually share record with other users:
    Can I customize Email to Case Advance per my needs?
    Yes, you can.