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    Who uses Field Service Lightning?

    Field Service Lightning can be used by -

    • The companies that offer field services such as online services (For example: Urban Company) and automobile services (For example: Royal Enfield).
    • Companies that offer financial services.
    • Companies offering electric products for installation.
    Does FSL Booster work with all versions of Salesforce?
    Yes, it is currently on the latest Salesforce architecture and will be upgraded in the future as per requirements.
    What is the pricing model of FSL Booster?

    It comes with two options:

    • 1. The complete package with all utilities included.
    • 2. Companies can opt for individual utilities as per their need.
    Do I need to know coding in order to administer or maintain FSL Booster?
    No, it's fully configurable and doesn’t require coding.
    Can FSL Booster be customized?
    No, it's a managed package. However, it can be customized as per the customer’s needs and will be delivered by the development team in the form of upgraded versions. In addition to it, FSL Booster provides an option to toggle utilities in case customers adopt them all.
    Does Grazitti provide maintenance, training, and support for FSL Booster?
    Yes, Grazitti provides training along with a complete implementation guide for FSL Booster.
    What are the benefits of FSL Booster?

    It helps you:

    • Bridge the gap between Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud by establishing a connection between them.
    • Avoid unnecessary service schedules on holidays.
    • Enhance inventory tracking.
    • Accumulate services at a single location.
    • Enable skill visibility of agents at the crew level.