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    What is GuideIn?
    GuideIn enables you to onboard users, train employees, and broadcast change with guided tours on Salesforce-powered online communities.
    What is a Digital Adoption Solution/Platform?
    A Digital Adoption Solution/Platform is a layer of software built on top of another software application or website. It enables you to guide users through tasks and functions.
    Does GuideIn work with all versions of Salesforce?
    Yes, GuideIn works with all versions of Salesforce, provided you have a Salesforce Experience Cloud license.
    What is the pricing model for GuideIn?
    GuideIn is priced at USD 2000 per Salesforce Org.
    Do I need to know coding in order to administer and maintain GuideIn?
    No, you don’t require knowledge of coding. Basic Salesforce Admin knowledge will be adequate.
    Can GuideIn be customized?
    Yes, you can get GuideIn customized according to your business requirements.
    Does Grazitti provide maintenance, training, and support for GuideIn?
    While basic support is free of cost, Grazitti will provide you with product documentation. Professional services will be billable.
    What are the benefits of using GuideIn?
    Enabling digital adoption with GuideIn will help you:
    • Increase Revenue
    • Minimize Costs
    • Automate Processes
    • Boost User Satisfaction
    How does GuideIn work on Salesforce?
    GuideIn uses custom Salesforce objects to maintain tour information. With a rich GUI, it enables you to build, administer, update, and track walkthroughs.
    What is a walkthrough?
    As the term suggests, a walkthrough walks users through, or enables them to learn more about an application or website.
    Can I create a profile-based walkthrough?
    Yes, GuideIn enables you to create walkthroughs for different audiences.
    Can I track user progress on a walkthrough?
    Yes, GuideIn has a custom object that shows these details. It leverages standard Salesforce reporting.
    What are some use-cases for GuideIn?
    Here are few use-cases for GuideIn:
    • User Onboarding: Seamlessly onboard users onto your Salesforce community
    • Employee Training: Train employees with minimized manual effort
    • Change Broadcasting: Deploy tours to broadcast changes in your community
    Are GuideIn walkthroughs multilingual?
    Yes, walkthroughs on GuideIn can be multilingual. It works with all Salesforce-supported languages.
    How secure is GuideIn?
    Being a SaaS-based product, GuideIn inherits security properties from the Salesforce Org.
    Can I implement GuideIn on Public Salesforce Pages as well?
    Yes, you can do so.
    Can I customize themes according to brand requirements in GuideIn?
    Yes, the GuideIn admin can manage all branding components on a rich GUI. You can apply different branding to different portals.
    Does GuideIn provide capabilities for reporting?
    Yes, GuideIn leverages in-built Salesforce reporting capabilities.
    Can I install GuideIn on multiple Salesforce Orgs?
    In order to install GuideIn on multiple Salesforce Orgs, you’ll need to purchase additional licenses.
    How long does it take to configure GuideIn?
    It takes around one hour to configure GuideIn.
    Can I configure GuideIn on my own?
    Yes, the product documentation will enable you to configure GuideIn.
    Can I disable GuideIn for specific users?
    Yes, you can enable/disable walkthroughs on the basis of profiles.
    What is the user limit for a GuideIn license?
    With GuideIn, the licensing is applied per Salesforce Org. Therefore, the number of users is of no consequence.
    Is GuideIn Lightning-Ready?
    Yes, GuideIn is compatible with Salesforce Lightning.