Position title
Sr. Data Scientist
Panchkula, India -   Posted on
May 10, 2024

Job Description

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Senior Data Scientist with a strong focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP), recommendation engines, and neural search technologies. The ideal candidate will have over 5 years of relevant experience and a proven track record of developing and deploying sophisticated data-driven models and systems. As a Senior Data Scientist, you will play a critical role in shaping the future of our data products and services.


Key Skills

  • BTech/BE degree.
  • Proficiency in Python, data structures, and system design.
  • Experience with NumPy and Pandas.
  • Knowledge of neural networks like CNN, GANs, CGAN, Transformers, RNN, and LSTM.
  • Ability to fine-tune embedding models like SBERT and E5.
  • Experience with fine-tuning and quantizing LLMs using PyTorch/TensorFlow.
  • Understanding of natural language processing (NLP), recommender systems, part-of-speech tagging (POS), and named entity recognition (NER).
  • Skills in forecasting, classification, and regression techniques.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Create Machine Learning (ML) models for different product needs.
  • Analyze client data to understand the data and the problems.
  • Manage data changes and model performance over time.
  • Improve embedding and large language models (LLMs).
  • Enhance retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) pipelines.
  • Develop feedback loops for ML models.

Position: Sr. Data Scientist

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