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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does my business need WordPress-Marketo Connector?
    WordPress-Marketo connector is designed to allow you to seamlessly integrate the two platforms and deliver targeted content to your audience. As a result, you don’t have to rely on consultants to leverage lead data from Marketo to personalize your content.
    How to install the WordPress-Marketo connector?
    Following are the steps to install the WordPress-Marketo connector-
      Step 1: Download the zip file of the plugin on your system.
      Step 2: Extract the zip file using your FTP program and upload the plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins in your WordPress directory online.
      Step 3: Navigate to WordPress Admin> Plugins and you'll find the newly uploaded connector in the directory. Click on Activate Connector to configure it.
    That’s it!
    Which Marketo fields support content customization?
    Use shortcodes to use all standard and custom fields from Marketo to create conditional blocks in WordPress and use REST API to retrieve them.
    Can I use multiple Marketo fields for building a conditional block?
    Yes, you can leverage multiple Marketo fields to build a single WordPress conditional block. For instance, you can create a single conditional block that leverages lead designation and location.
    Do you provide professional assistance to implement the plugin on my WordPress site?
    Yes, you can always request our professional assistance for additional charges for the seamless implementation of the connector.
    Do you offer post-sale support for the connector?
    Yes, we offer dedicated support for connector users. You can reach out to our team at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
    What security measures does the connector leverage to combat security threats like DOS?
    In case of any DOS attack on the website, we stop the integration between WordPress and Marketo, allowing other services to continue to work as usual to prevent any downtime.
    Why is Grazitti’s WordPress-Marketo Connector better than other existing solutions?
    Grazitti’s WordPress-Marketo connector is better in many aspects including-
    • Easy installation: Can be installed and configured without any expert assistance. But we still offer expert assistance, just in case.
    • Ease-of-use: No coding is required to install and run the plugin.
    • Security measures: Comes with adequate security measures to combat security threats.
    Is 24×7 support offered for the WordPress-Marketo connector?
    Unfortunately, 24x7 support is unavailable now, but our experts always try to respond to your query at the earliest possible opportunity.
    How long is the configuration process for this connector?
    The default connector typically takes 8-10 hours, if no customizations are required. The installation timeframe can vary depending on the type of customization you require.
    Do you offer a free trial of the connector?
    No, we don’t offer a free trial. However, you can request a personalized demo by providing us with your Marketo details. We’ll offer a comprehensive demo using dummy content to showcase our features in detail.
    How secure is the WordPress-Marketo connector?
    Grazitti follows all the launch point guidelines as shared by Adobe. Moreover, your data is encrypted and saved in your database instead of Grazitti’s server.
    Is the WordPress-Marketo connector customizable?
    Yes, the connector can be tweaked reasonably according to the unique requirements of the client.
    How secure is the connector?
    Being the launchpoint certified connector, the product follows all coding guidelines shared by Marketo, making it a highly secure connector.
    Is it possible to only synchronize the required project within WordPress while leaving the others unsynchronized?
    Yes, you can select specific WordPress projects to synchronize instead of going global.
    Can I configure the connector myself?
    Yes, the WordPress-Marketo connector is a plug-and-play solution. Add your Marketo details and the purchase key to activate this connector. We also offer a product set-up guide to simplify the configuration process.
    How secure is my data?
    It is 100% secure as your data remains on your WordPress and Marketo instance only, not on any third-party server.
    How convenient is the WordPress-Marketo to use?
    Our connector gives you a convenient and easy way to connect WordPress and Marketo with no coding. With Grazitti’s WordPress and Marketo connector, you can merge applications yourself via the user-friendly interface.
    Are there going to be frequent updates for the WordPress-Marketo connector?
    Yes, you will get a notification in your plugin whenever there is an upgrade.
    Is post-sale support available for this plugin?
    Yes, we offer unlimited support for issues fixation and plugin customization.
    How can I contact WordPress-Marketo connector’s support?
    Drop us a line at [email protected], and our experts will get back to you.
    Do I need to involve IT specialists to work with the plugin?
    The default working of the plugin doesn’t require any IT expertise. But in case your website is incompatible with cross-site requests then you have to seek expert assistance.